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Generative AI for Customer Experience

Generative AI Transcription and Summarization

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Generative AI will Transform CX

storm® Machine Agent® leverages generative AI to transcribe and summarize interactions, automatically entering that data into forms, workflows, or systems of record, and save hours of time for agents.

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Generative AI can be Safely Implemented

storm Machine Agent picks out key interaction details, according to a structured logic designed by you. All summaries are checked by a human agent, to catch potential errors before upload.

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Generative AI can be Integrated Seamlessly

Part of the cloud-based storm platform, Machine Agent overlays your existing CX estate, integrating with any third-party system. Don’t replace, upgrade.

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Your Organization Needs a Generative AI Partner

The AI market moves fast. Trends, businesses, executives all come and go. Tying yourself to one vendor too early could weigh you down. Your organization needs an AI partner, who brings together world-leading AI technologies into a custom solution that works for you.

Liberate Your Agents with AI

Your agents work to create outstanding Customer Experience (CX). Manual data entry tasks during and after calls create delays. With customers waiting in queues, time wasted is loyalty lost.

Whether updating customer data, summarizing interactions, sending requests to colleagues, or drafting emails, post-call work is time-consuming, dull, and keeps your agents from doing what they do best.

Post-call work can increase Average Handling Time by up to 27%.1

Liberate your agents from post-call work, and let them get back to creating great experiences for customers.

Generative AI for your Business

Targeted summarization lets agents and supervisors cut to the heart of an interaction quickly, identifying customer issues and possible solutions.

Summarized information can be uploaded directly to a system of record, freeing agents from time-consuming data entry tasks.

Human agents can review summaries, allowing agents to catch possible errors before they become a problem.

Summaries can also be made from digital interactions, across web-based and social media channels

Summaries can be generated according to different ‘logics’ created by the organization for specific use cases.

Reliable, accurate contact transcription lets you record 100% of interactions; improving your compliance.

Your Generative AI Partner

Summarization and transcription are just a first step.

You need the power of AI, without the drama. You need to unite the best tech from across the market into a single, adaptable solution.

Through brain®, Content Guru handles the underlying complexity of AI technologies. brain is an AI orchestration layer, linking AI functionality seamlessly to the day-to-day operations of your CX estate.

Sitting alongside the cloud-native storm solution, brain is continuously updated with the newest technology, as soon as it becomes available. brain gives your organization access to best-in-class AI capabilities such as Google Dialogflow, Azure, and IBM Watson, as well as generative AI systems like ChatGPT.

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