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True Omnichannel CX with Social Media Integrations

Powerful social media experiences

Your brand is only as memorable as its social media presence.

When customers discuss your organization on social media, you can’t afford to stay silent.

You need a solution that brings all your social media into a single pane of glass. That can respond to messages, posts, and mentions. That can employ Machine Agents to automate responses. That can record interactions to ensure quality and compliance.

storm® CONTACT:SOCIALbrings the power of world-class CX to your social media.

How storm CONTACT:SOCIAL benefits businesses

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Social media on a single pane of glass

Save the hassle of switching channels. Bring Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, and more onto a single screen. Empower your agents to deliver seamless, omni-channel engagement across your social media with storm CONTACT:SOCIAL.

Messaging and mentions

Respond to every contact. storm CONTACT:SOCIAL will generate interactions for direct messages, post comments, account tags, and when someone posts on your wall. Get a complete picture of your social media presence.

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Single-stack integrations

storm CONTACT:SOCIAL works in concert with the entire storm stack. Link with storm FLOW™ to filter and pre-process messages before they’re routed to an agent. With storm VIEW™, you can create real-time data and customizable reports on your social media presence.

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Quality and compliance

Ensure high-quality interactions over every social channel. storm CONTACT:SOCIAL integrates with storm RECORDER™ to ensure compliance across your social media presence. storm QM™ lets you create customizable score sheets that adapt to meet your KPIs, making quality management easy.

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Intelligent automation

Automate the everyday. storm CONTACT:SOCIAL works with storm Machine Agents™ to automate responses to simple requests. Use smart chatbots to take the pressure off your agents, whilst maintaining a human touch.

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