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For over two decades, customers have been the center of our world

Let us make the customer the center of yours.

At Content Guru, we believe that your customers deserve only the best. That every customer contact should be seamless, personalized, and powered by data. That great CX can set your business apart from the competition.

For over two decades, we’ve worked to bring that belief to life. From cutting-edge cloud-based technology to the support of world-leading CX specialists, Content Guru provides everything you need to revolutionize your customer experience.

Does this match your business goals? Take the first step on your CX journey today, with Content Guru.

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Content Guru has helped 100s of clients over the years to transform their CX capabilities. Click on a client logo below to find out more.

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The storm® Platform at a Glance

The storm platform is an advanced cloud communications solution that enables companies to have seamless and effective customer interactions across multiple channels such as phone, email, chat, social media and SMS.

First cloud provider in Europe for blue light services

Large scale deployments with 10,000+ agents for a single customer

Over 3,000 CCaaS solution features

Gartner Highest Rating for High volume Call Center Use Case

99.999% availability

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Elevate your Contact Center with Generative AI

Generative AI is a revolution in how the world does business. Since Large Language Models (LLMs) took the world by storm in early 2023, Customer Experience (CX) leaders the world over have been imagining ways to transform customer contact by applying AI. For the contact center, generative AI is a quantum leap forward.


Reducing Your Business’s Carbon Footprint with Cloud CX

Demonstrating carbon neutrality is as important as demonstrating value. If you can prove to customers the ways in which you balance your carbon footprint, you can win enduring loyalty, particularly amongst the younger generation.


How to Build Resilient and Reliable Customer Experience

Reliability is the final word in customer contact. Your customers expect reliable customer experience, even during outages and at times of heightened demand. Your responsibility is to provide that.

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