storm® CPaaS at scale

You need the tools to build outstanding CX

You need to be available to your customers whenever, wherever, and over whichever channel they prefer.

You need a developer ecosystem to support your goals.

You need all this to be secure, scalable, and available wherever your business is.

From native CRM and WFM modules, to integrations with leading applications – storm® CPaaS helps your organization achieve its CX goals. With storm’s expansive developer ecosystem and service creation tools such as FLOW™ and CONDUCTOR™, whatever your skill level, storm makes customer engagement easy.

What is CPaaS?

Standing for Communications Platform as a Service, storm CPaaS provides the tools you need to build outstanding CX. With storm’s modular model, you can design a solution that’s right for your organization.

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Omni-Channel by design

storm is omni-channel and omni-data. Voice, video, SMS, social media, email, and more are brought together in a single interface by storm DTA®. Integrate with any existing system of record, and draw together data from every channel into a single pane of glass.

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Security and compliance by design

When interacting with your business, customers want to feel secure. Regulators expect compliance. Whatever your organization, a security breach can have disastrous consequences. With two-factor authentication, PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, and ISO 27001 and SOC II certifications, storm lets you build outstanding CX, securely.

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Customer success by design

Content Guru provides bespoke solutions, targeted to the customer’s needs. Our solutions consultancy team works with you to map out pain points, success goals, and key results. With thousands of custom and ready-made integrations, storm links with any existing system of record to enhance, not replace, your existing systems.

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Unrivaled developer ecosystem

Building your CX solution is easier with the help of others. storm provides a developer ecosystem that helps users of all skill levels to achieve their CX goals. storm FLOW™ and CONDUCTOR™ provide an intuitive, no-code interface for designing services. storm Exchange provides a marketplace to develop, trade, and exchange applications and ideas. No matter the question, Content Guru has answers.

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