About us - Content Guru

Engagement Made Easy®


  • Quality, agility, teamwork. Content Guru takes pride in the strength of its customer relationships.

  • We act quickly and flexibly to exceed customer expectations. Whatever a customer needs, we deliver as fast as possible to ensure those needs are met.  

  • Through constant collaboration, we work with our customers to set the direction of our products. Our support ecosystem, from monthly product briefings to our dedicated training team, ensures that you’ll always be kept up to speed.

  • We understand your business. Content Guru has worked with thousands of companies around the world. From finance to utilities, retail to higher education – our experience guides everything we do. We are friendly and approachable, so you can make the most of our expertise.

  • Our solutions are best-in-class. We provide 99.999% reliability, an intuitive interface, and the ability to integrate with any third-party system of record. When we set targets with our customers, we work intensely to achieve them. Don’t replace your systems; enhance them.

Our mission

We create outstanding omni-channel customer experience. Working with thousands of businesses around the world, we support our customers at every stage of their CX journey.

Our goal is seamless engagement. Over any channel, at any time, on any location.  

Our solutions offer data-driven insights. With market-leading AI analytics and reporting, we give you a 360-degree picture of your customer experience.

Our culture

Content Guru is a customer-obsessed company. For us, quality and speed come first, to ensure that the customers’ needs are met. We believe that delighted customers become long-term advocates, and Content Guru’s customer focus stretches from beginners to the board.

Content Guru knows that diversity drives innovation. With multiple programs, from Women in Tech to leadership for rising stars, Content Guru knows the importance of investing in people. Our rapid global expansion is driven by the expertise of industry experts and our consistent customer focus.

Our history

Founded in 2005, Content Guru began with a belief in the power of customer experience. A belief that it would be engagement with the customer that set businesses apart in the digital age. A belief that cloud technology could make this engagement easy.

Content Guru is a true pioneer in the world of omni-channel customer experience. Its first-to-market cloud contact center solution, storm®, provides mission-critical services for thousands of the world’s largest organizations.

storm began as an answer to the mass calling needs of TV broadcasters. Its exceptional scale and reliability made it a natural choice for major TV events.

Two decades later, Content Guru has offices in the US, UK, the Netherlands, Japan, and Germany. With clients including AXA, Rakuten, and the NHS, Content Guru operates across a huge range of sectors.

As a member of the Redwood Technologies Group, Content Guru’s core technology has been continually refined over the course of 30 years. Draw on these decades of experience to transform your CX.