Rail Delivery Group is responsible for all rail services in the UK, overseeing a record 1.7 billion business and leisure journeys made in 2017, and facing rapidly increasing customer demand for real-time service information.

Rail Delivery Group needs its critical information services to be constantly accessible, yet it faces unpredictable disruptions such as major weather events, which cause inquiry volumes to skyrocket. These disruptions previously overloaded Rail Delivery Group’s communication systems, but it was not cost-effective to deploy premise-based equipment or hosted services that would rarely be used to capacity.

Over 95% accuracy for correctly interpreting customer text messages and responding with the best travel information.

More than 50 updates made by the National Rail Enquiries team every day using self-service tools, quickly resolving any issues identified.

Real-time access to current data and making changes from any location through secure portals or phone.

To-the-second accuracy in customer data from Rail Delivery Group services, enabling more accurate business reports.

“We first went live with storm® to use its scalability as a buffer to handle the surges of demand caused by disruptions, such as weather events, which had previously overwhelmed our systems. With access to the full capacity of storm, we’re assured that we will always be able to handle even extreme levels of demand.

Due to the modular nature of storm, we’re able to introduce new features as and when required, allowing us to meet our customers’ omni-channel expectations for instant information, however they choose to interact, wherever they are and whenever the time.”

Senior Service Delivery Manager, Rail Delivery Group