How Does storm® Transform the Way UK Ambulance Services Deliver Care?

All Ambulance Trusts across the UK are migrating to a cloud-delivered (hosted) Integrated Command and Control System (ICCS) called Frequentis LifeX. As part of this change, it is essential that they implement a system which provides reliable call recording for mission-critical communications.

As Ambulance Trusts embrace advances in technology, implementing a cloud-based communications and recording solution is another step towards digital transformation, improved efficiency, and effective disaster recovery.

Revolutionary recording

Content Guru’s innovative call recording product, storm® RECORDER™, recently became the first of its kind to be certified by the Ambulance Radio Program (ARP) for recording of the Frequentis LifeX ICCS.

Delivered from the cloud as part of the wider storm solution, this cutting-edge technology allows the cost effective provision of highly available recording capacity. This is a more worthwhile solution than deploying technology Trust-by-Trust using on premise hardware.

In an ambulance control room and emergency services setting, a reliable and easy-to-use recording system is essential. Covering voice calls, SMS and on-screen interactions, RECORDER ensures that every interaction is recorded and stored in the cloud, where it is easily accessible. The evidential-grade technology built into RECORDER is widely used within the emergency services community to document mission-critical communications.

The digital acceleration of the Ambulance Trusts

COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for digital transformation of organizations in both the public and private sector. When looking for a certified recording solution for the Frequentis LifeX ICCS, Ambulance Trusts should look for technology which has wider benefits for their control rooms.

Alongside superior recording functionality, Content Guru’s cloud-based solution, storm, offers a unified solution for ambulance control rooms and their back office counterparts to operate more effectively and efficiently.

With the introduction of the Emergency Services Network (ESN) over the coming years, the tools used for ambulance dispatching and staff communication and collaboration will evolve exponentially. storm is customizable to each Ambulance Trust’s individual Unified Communications (UC) and contact center needs, while its cloud-based infrastructure removes data siloes.

storm is being used to maintain business continuity throughout COVID-19 by the UK’s NHS and HUC, among others. The solution operates at a 99.999% (“five nines”) reliability rate, ensuring a consistently active service, and its unrivalled scalability enables organizations to easily cope with rapid increases in demand.

Future-gazing: Could AI be the next step?

As the UK’s Ambulance Trusts implement innovative technology to help them adapt to ever-changing citizen and staff needs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could take operations to the next level.

Intelligent routing capabilities could improve efficiency by putting citizens through to the most suitable person to deal with their call. Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology can parse meaning from a caller’s speech, and trigger screen pops with relevant information to assist the agent.

storm’s NLP and sentiment analysis capabilities are already being used by areas of the emergency service to detect where a call agent has dealt with a particularly harrowing interaction. Supervisors can use this information to ensure employees receive suitable support after those interactions.

For the future-proof ambulance control room, storm is the obvious choice.