Custom Contact Center Integrations with storm® INTEGRATE™

storm® INTEGRATE gives you the tools you need to link the market-leading CX capabilities of storm with any of your third-party systems. Use CRM integration to link to any existing system of record. Capture relevant data from across your entire system. Link to storm FLOW™ to build powerful services that bring together your systems with an intuitive, no-code, interface. Link to storm VIEW™ to see data from all your systems on a single screen. Don’t replace your legacy systems – enhance them.

How contact center integrations help businesses

NHS 111

NHS 111 uses storm® INTEGRATE™ to assess and display relevant medical records from hundreds of different databases, including Special Patient Notes (SPNs), to agents. These notes designate patients with long-term health conditions. Displaying SPNs with each contact allows vulnerable patients to be routed correctly and diagnosed quickly.

Rail Delivery Group

he Rail Delivery Group uses storm® INTEGRATE™ to access two third-party resources: the Online Journey Planner and the Live Departure Boards. From these, storm® provides up-to-date journey information to customers, in the form of an SMS message.

Rakuten Communications

Rakuten Communications used storm® INTEGRATE™ to integrate with Salesforce, allowing them to run powerful outbound campaigns.

Seamless transition

Make your cloud transition seamless. Link storm® to your existing systems. Minimize disruption to your agents as you future-proof your customer contact solution.

Enhance your legacy

Enhance, not replace, your legacy systems. storm® INTEGRATE™ can transfer data to and from your existing systems. CRM integration gives your agents the information they need on a single pane of glass. storm INTEGRATE links with storm FLOW™, giving you full control through a sleek, no-code interface.

Custom integrations

Pick the solution that works for your business. Choose from thousands of off-the-shelf and custom integrations. Build a storm® solution unique to your needs.

Real-time reporting

Paint a picture of your entire system. storm® INTEGRATE™ works with storm VIEW™ to produce custom reports, drawing data from any source. Display data from all your third-party systems on the same screen.

Empower your agents

Your agents work best with access to customer data. storm® INTEGRATE™ combines with the Desktop Task Assistant (DTA®) to display data from any third-party database. Easy CRM integration saves time, letting your agents focus on creating the best customer experience

A single data aggregation layer

Link to storm® CKS® to push and pull data from any existing database. Present data from across your systems of record in a single Data Aggregation Layer. Give your agents the information they need to resolve contacts quickly and easily.

The voice of the customer

Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care), NHS London SHA

"storm delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm as we go forward, and the solution will be instrumental in realizing our digitalization objectives."

Senior Service Delivery Manager at Rail Delivery Group

“Due to the modular nature of the platform, we’re able to introduce new features as and when required, allowing us to meet our customers’ omnichannel expectations for instant information, however they choose to interact, wherever they are and whenever the time.”

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