storm® CKS®

Customer Knowledge System®

Today’s customers expect a personalized experience – every time they get in contact.

You need to use data to inform and guide interactions for a great customer experience.

CKS® delivers seamless, hyper-personalized interactions, based on data-driven insights.

Product Overview

Seamless, data-driven customer engagement

storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS) is storm’s powerful data mediation layer.

CKS converges all your different systems of record – including CRM, WFO and ERP tools – into a single, unified interface. By bringing all your data together, CKS gives you omni-data intelligence and a 360-degree view of every customer. Both front- and back-office can share information easily and collaborate to solve any query.

These rich customer insights drive AI-powered Intelligent Automated Contact Distribution. CKS integrates seamlessly with your communications tools and systems of record to push and pull data from every source and match inquiries to the best available agent.

CKS harnesses data from every angle to drive truly personalized customer service – regardless of channel.

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Customer Journey

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Interaction Personalization

When deployed as an overlay, CKS seamlessly integrates customer and case data with other modules. CKS pulls together historical and real-time data  from both storm and third-party systems in a single pane of glass. AI-backed automation allows CKS to proactively deliver all the relevant data for a contact straight to the agent’s desktop. Proactive screen-pops provide agents with details including the customer’s name, contact details, and extensive interaction history – driving hyper-personalized interactions over any channel.

Intelligent Routing

CKS integrates seamlessly within the full storm stack to act as a powerful abstraction layer. CKS pulls together data from every available source to power intelligent routing. AI-backed Machine Agents use advanced speech analytics technologies to gather real-time customer context. This data drives Intelligent Automated Contact Distribution, which matches inquiries to the best available agent to power hyper-personalized interactions. Using data from every angle, CKS drives first contact resolution and a next best action strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping

CKS enables true 360-degree customer journey mapping, through the Customer Journey tab. This tab displays a complete, omni-channel, historical record of a customer’s interactions, using data from both storm and third-party systems, such as Google Analytics. AI-powered automation feeds in data from digital customers, including Internet of Things devices and online self-service interactions, to guide next best actions. With this tool, agents have all the information they need, right at their fingertips, before the interaction even begins. CKS uses data-driven insights to power personalized interactions that answer the inquiry, and delight the customer, first time.

Knowledge Management

Using CKS, organizations can create and update a rich knowledge base. All the articles your agents need to resolve customer queries are managed in one central location, linked together by easy-to-navigate decision trees. This ensures that every agent is equipped to deliver a consistently high standard of customer service, regardless of channel. With fully comprehensive, AI-backed analytics capabilities, CKS Knowledge Management enables information to be constantly reviewed and updated to reflect user needs.

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