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Construction, Manufacturing and Property

When a customer’s home is on the line, there is no space for poor service. With a highly dispersed workforce, you need constant communication with them on the ground. storm’s 99.999% reliability means you’ll never lose contact with customers. Intelligent contact center automation lets you schedule updates over any channel.

Financial Services

In a highly competitive market, let customer experience be your differentiator. With customer finances at stake, it’s crucial that you offer the best possible security and stay compliant with regulations. storm offers voice biometrics and two-factor authentication, meaning that your cloud contact center solution is secure, even when your agents work from home.

Health and Social Care

With an aging population placing more strain on healthcare systems, reliable communications are vital. Customers shouldn’t have to wait in long queues when they could self-serve. They shouldn’t have to repeat their symptoms for every agent they speak to. The storm Patient Relationship Management draws together patient records from your entire care system to give every agent a 360-degree view of the patient. The future of healthcare is integrated.

Higher Education

From freshmen to alumni. From wellbeing to compliance. Universities need to communicate with students reliably at every stage of their journey. With storm, you can handle massive surges in demand during admissions season. Establish secure and reliable contact with students. Use automated messaging to stay in touch with your alumni.

Local Government

Residents expect contact through the channel most convenient to them. Your agents expect to be able to work effectively from home. Let storm future-proof your communications, and give your citizens peace of mind.


Demand for remote retail has soared. Online orders can be placed 24/7, not just during 9/5 office hours. Customers should be able to check or amend their orders at any time, over the channels most convenient for them. With 99.999% reliability and cloud technology that supports remote working, storm ensures that you will always be available when your customers need you.

Public Sector

As the private sector embraces customer experience, the public sector can’t afford to lag behind. If service is slow or impersonal, your citizens will grow frustrated. storm lets your citizens contact you whenever, wherever, and however they want.


To your customers, the high street is one contact channel out of many. Your agents need a 360-degree view of the customer, whether they work from home, or on the shop floor. With storm, you can ensure that your agents provide the tailored interactions customers expect – digitally, or in person.


To secure the trust of your partners, you need to exceed expectations. In a highly saturated market, you can’t afford to fall behind. With storm, you can keep your communications agile and reliable. storm’s modular approach allows you to tailor your solution to the needs of the customer.

Tech, Media and Telecoms

Constant communication is central to modern life. In a sector under constant scrutiny, you can’t afford communication lapses. With storm®’s endless scalability, you can stay in contact with customers, even as demand surges. With intelligent automation, you can free agents from repetitive tasks, to focus on what really matters.

Travel and Leisure

Poor customer experience can ruin a holiday. In a sector so vulnerable to disruption, keeping your customers in the loop should be a constant priority. storm draws information from any number of third-party systems, to provide a 360-degree view of your customer’s bookings. With 99.999% reliability, you can always keep in contact with customers during emergencies.


The utilities sector faces constant scrutiny from both customers and regulators. When the power goes out, you need a cloud contact center solution that can scale flexibly to meet surges in demand. That can integrate with any existing database to proactively communicate with customers during outages. Elevate your contact center solution to the cloud with storm, and leave regulatory penalties behind.

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