Environmental, Social and Governance

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Content Guru is dedicated to giving back to the local community and supporting wider national and international causes.

The Redwood Technologies Group, consisting of Content Guru and its sister company Redwood Technologies, is proud of its Berkshire origins, and frequently contributes to charities and initiatives from around the county, ensuring that the local area profits from its own success as a company. As a business that operates on a world-wide scale, Content Guru is also dedicated to making a difference globally, and supports both local and international charities.

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Content Guru is committed to environmental sustainability. The company firmly believes that, through responsible business practices and by moving its clients from legacy on-premise systems to multi-tenanted cloud environments, it is playing a key part in reducing the environmental impact of communications. Content Guru also takes its responsibilities as a global employer seriously, and invests heavily in reducing the impact of our operations globally.

The Power of Scalability

Data Centers

ICT services make up around 2% of global emissions. As a global ICT services provider, Content Guru takes its responsibility to embrace sustainable business practices and reduce emissions seriously. When choosing data centers to use for storm®, we ensure that they have the same high standards that we hold ourselves to, with many of our data centers holding internationally-recognized environmental accreditations. These include IS 14001, the environmental management standard, and ISO 50001, the energy management standard.

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As a global employer, Content Guru has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact as far as possible. In order to do this, it has ISO 14001, the international environmental management accreditation. This reflects the company’s dedication to monitoring and improving its environmental impact.

Content Guru offers its employees a number of incentives to consider alternatives to driving or air travel. Within its offices, it offers ‘Bike to Work’ schemes, whereby it gives assistance to employees looking to purchase bikes for commuting. For employees who wish to use bicycles on a short-term basis, the company provides bikes free of charge.