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The Future of Customer Experience Automation

Contact center automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform how we communicate with customers.

Instant contact over a vast range of digital channels, automated agent support, powerful, predictive analytics. But, there’s a catch.

In a fast moving market, you can’t afford to be tied down.

Above all, you need flexibility – To pick and choose the best tech from across the industry. That requires an AI partner to guide your organization’s transformation.

You need to assess the benefits and risks of AI, to understand exactly how to deliver real value for your business.

AI Brings Benefits…

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Conversational Machine Agents

Always-on Machine Agents® make you accessible to customers 24/7, over any number of channels, within seconds.

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AI Agent Assistance

Provide agents with the knowledge management assets relevant to customers’ intent.

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Generative AI Summaries

Create written summaries and structured documents from unstructured data in seconds.

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Razor-Sharp Transcription

Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transcribe voice interactions accurately.

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AI-Powered Analysis

Employ predictive analytics to draw essential data from across your CX ecosystem, and predict future demand to support agent scheduling.

Evergreen technology

Today’s AI is cloud native – you need a cloud native CX solution to make the most of it. Step up to the cloud, and embrace evergreen technology.

… But Poses Risks

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Customer Reluctance

Chatbots have a bad reputation. Your customers want to speak to humans. Implementing simple chatbots, without the ability to adapt, respond conversationally, and escalate to a human, will alienate customers.

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Generative Hallucinations

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Data Security

Large Language Models (LLMs) draw on vast data sets from across the internet to generate responses. If you’re inputting company information and company data, how can you be certain that data is kept secure?

The Power of Scalability

A Volatile Market

Every exciting new technology goes through its ‘hype cycle’. AI is no different. Vendors will rise and fall as the technological, economic, and regulatory landscape shifts. At this stage, we simply can’t say how the market will settle. There is only one reliable choice; flexibility.

Your Generative AI Partner

You need the best of what AI can offer, without the roadblocks. That means bringing together tech from multiple vendors, into a single, adaptable solution.

Through brain®, Content Guru handles the underlying complexity of AI technologies for its users. brain democratizes AI, making the best of the technology accessible, without tying you to an individual vendor. Regardless of size or sector, Content Guru makes AI adoption easy.

brain works as an AI orchestration layer, linking AI functionality seamlessly to the normal operation of your CX estate. Sitting alongside the cloud-native storm® solution, brain is constantly updated with the newest technology, as soon as it becomes available. brain gives your organization access to best-in-class AI capabilities such as Google Dialogflow, Azure, and IBM Watson, as well as generative AI systems like ChatGPT.

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With brain, UK Power Networks automated 93% of contacts, by enabling customers to self-serve via voice, SMS, and webchat.

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