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50% reduction in repeat callers through storm®’s proactive
SMS capabilities.

Industry leading response times with  less than 3 second average call time-to-answer.

94% compliance with service levels, eliminating penalties and even qualifying for incentive bonuses.

1000%+ normal contact levels handled seamlessly using storm®’s massive capacity in the cloud.

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Contact Center Manager Service Delivery Manager, UK Power Networks

“Scalability and resilience are crucial in extreme weather events and it’s critical that life-threatening calls are dealt with. On average, we receive 1200 calls daily, but disruption will cause significant spikes. A recent incident caused 50,000 customers to lose power. We received 400 calls in the first 10 minutes. We were able to react quickly and record a message about the situation so the IVR could communicate that message when the affected region called in.

Customers were able to drop off the line as soon as they listened to the message as they had the information they needed. It’s incredible that we can manage these spikes so effectively!”

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  • Reduced repeat callers by 50%.

  • Reduced response times to below 3 seconds.

  • Achieved 94% compliance levels.