Three CX Paradigm Shifts

June 23rd 2021

In January 2021 the UK’s Customer Satisfaction Index measured the lowest national CSAT average in 6 years.* Over the past year the Customer Experience (CX) space has undergone three major paradigm shifts. Customer intolerance for bad service experiences has risen, whilst digital literacy and preference for digital channels has grown. Meanwhile, customers expect the same standard of service across all channels, and digital qualitative equivalence has become a major business differentiator.

These changes present an unparalleled opportunity for organisations looking to use CX transformation as a springboard for business growth. Join Content Guru’s Edward Winfield for a tour through the changing CX landscape, a deep-dive into the types of service today’s customers expect from the brands they love, and an exploration of the CX strategies that will enable you to build your business on customer loyalty.

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