Retail Customer Experience

In the era of online retail, customer experience is more important than ever

When your competition is only a click away, you can’t afford to be unresponsive.

When your brand is discussed on social media, you need to stay ahead of the conversation with proactive engagement. When customers leave product reviews online, you need to respond as quickly as possible. When customers step into your high street outlets, you need their data on hand to provide a personalized experience.

storm® provides the tools you need to keep your customers coming back.

Meet customers on their terms

Information moves fast online. A poor review, or negative post on social media, can permanently impact your brand. If you can’t work to proactively contact your customers, you’ll fall behind your competition.

With TrustPilot integration, storm routes reviews to agents for a quick resolution. When reviews don’t require a personalized response, storm Machine Agent™ can automate your answers, freeing your agents to focus on complex problems.

Great CX makes communication easy. When customers have problems with your products, they want to show, rather than just tell. storm lets you make video calling a regular part of your CX. With AI-backed image recognition, photos sent by social media or email can be processed automatically and routed to the best available outcome.

Today, a brand is only as strong as its social media presence. With storm CONTACT™: SOCIAL, all your social media channels are brought onto a single pane of glass. Your agents are notified for every message, mention, and more.

Evergreen retail customer experience

The needs of the customer are changing rapidly. You need customer experience that evolves to meet them.

Upgrade to the cloud, and take advantage of endless scalability, 99.999% availability, and constant service updates. Use the brain® AI toolkit to set up intelligent chatbots. Automate simple inquiries, from order tracking and cancellation to information about returns. Boost the efficiency of your CX, and make the most of your agents’ skills.

With an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, storm FLOW™ lets you design your CX without the need for technical expertise. With storm VIEW™, you can get access to powerful real-time analytics on the trends that matter most to you.

Upgrade to the cloud, and future-proof your CX.

Tailored high street experiences

To your customers, the high street is one contact channel out of many. Customers want to see your products in person before they make a decision, and they expect personalized interactions every time they visit.

Bring all your systems of record onto a single, browser-based interface. Access that interface from any device, either desktop or mobile. Put your customer data to work, and create tailored experiences every time they step into your store.

Give your agents the data they need, whether at the office, at home, or on the shop floor.