Intelligent Customer Experience Automation

Your customers expect constant contact. Your agents can’t always provide it

Mundane and repetitive tasks hurt morale and increase agent churn. If you can automate the everyday, you can transform your agent experience.

brain® is Content Guru’s powerful AI toolkit. From simple, automated messages to efficient self-service, brain frees your agents to focus on the most complex inquiries. Use intelligent image recognition to see the world through the customer’s eyes, and route images to the appropriate agent. With natural language processing, brain understands unstructured speech and routes contact accordingly. Automatically transcribe voice contacts, and apply sentiment analysis to classify contact by tone and content.

Use storm® Machine Agent® to deliver cutting-edge intelligent automation and conversational customer engagement 24/7. Machine Agents can perform complex processes automatically, such as customer support triage, reporting, and quality monitoring.

Whatever your organization, brain brings AI-powered efficiencies to your CX.

The benefits of contact center automation

  • 75% - of businesses will have introduced more than one AI application into their CX estate by 2022.1

  • 57.5% - of customers believe that interacting with a chatbot is secure.2

  • 40% - of internet users would prefer to speak to a chatbot over a human.3

  • 93% - of contacts automated for one customer in the utilities sector.

Intelligent contact center automation

Powerful AI with brain®

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Cost-Effective, AI-Driven storm® Machine Agent®

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