Zorginstituut Nederland (ZiNL) is an independent administrative authority, responsible for managing basic healthcare insurance packages for citizens, while also interfacing between government healthcare administration and independent health providers.

To support its goals of delivering accessible healthcare across the Netherlands, ZiNL operates a contact center for citizens who are unable to cover the costs of their existing insurance policies or unexpected healthcare bills, and who are then registered as defaulters with ZiNL. Changing economic circumstances make the contact center subject to unpredictable spikes in demand, as worried citizens can suddenly interact in large volumes.

storm has enormous capacity in the cloud, enabling Zorginstituut to handle any simultaneous volume of contact; agent licenses can also be scaled up and down to help address variable demand.

The cloud-based model of storm enables homeworkers to seamlessly log in and operate as normal agents at a moment’s notice, enabling higher volumes of agents or more skilled individuals to be utilized when needed.

storm’s iACD logic combines automated and live citizen engagement capabilities, automatically processing routine enquiries while connecting citizens with pressing needs to appropriately-skilled agents.

The storm VIEW™ dashboard provides granular reporting across all services, enabling ZiNL to align
its service levels with government demands, while integrated QM enables continual service optimization.

“Zorginstituut Nederland has an important responsibility to manage healthcare insurance for the Netherlands and ensure that citizens can afford to access core services.
We are entrusted with thousands of citizen enquiries; but as our previous communications system neared end-of-life, we needed an approach that was scalable, flexible and cost-effective, without compromising on business continuity. The flexibility of the storm platform enabled us to adopt a range of services and build a comprehensive communications environment that we
have complete control over, providing us with the agility to deliver responsive, accessible services. Support for flexible working enables our employees to seamlessly operate from home, while insightful Quality Management
capabilities allow us to continually improve services. With storm we can be sure to deliver a consistent, futureproofed service every time, optimizing our citizen-facing services.”

Contact Center Coordinator, Zorginstituut Nederland