Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Work smarter, not harder

Your customer experience rests on your ability to provide actionable, data-driven feedback to your agents. You need to let them know what they need to stop doing, change, and do more of, in order to improve.

You need to ensure your customers reach the best outcome, fast, for an optimal customer experience.

Seamless customer experiences are driven by quick, efficient processes, and routing to the best solution for the client’s needs. The more efficient and effective your processes, the lower your cost-to-serve.

But what processes do your organization need to implement to ensure your customers reach the best department to resolve their query? How can you achieve visibility over your workforce, to ensure productivity, and support your agents?

Your organization needs best-in-class reporting and analytics tools that allow you to maintain end-to-end visibility over your customer journey, and drive efficiency.

Best-in-class reporting

To drive improvements in your contact center, you need powerful reporting tools that provide you with visibility over your operations. Your tools should provide you with historical and real-time reporting on:

  • The productivity and efficiency of agents, showing you which agents require more support

  • Average Handling Times and First Call Resolution over all channels

  • Statistics such as service levels, hit rates and sales targets.

Powerful analytics

Your organization needs to keep track on the satisfaction levels of your customers. You need to be aware of friction in the customer journey, and resolve issues as they arise. To maintain compliance, you must ensure agent adherence to regulations.

Your tools must enable you to view:

  • Customer satisfaction levels for every channel of communication

  • Agent adherence to compliance regulations

  • Points of friction within the customer journey

  • Where customers are not reaching the right department first time

  • Analytics of trends on customer behaviour

End-to-end actionable insights

To achieve efficiency to reduce cost-to-serve and maximize customer experience, your reporting and analytics tools must provide you with actionable insights. You need tools should empower you to:

  • Keep track of which agents need extra support and supervision, through viewing the productivity of agents.

  • Improve Average Handling Times through ensuring your customers get through to the agent and department best suited to dealing with their query, first time.

  • Provide your agents with actionable targets and feedback on their interactions, through best-in-class recording tools.

  • Supercharge your quality management through automatic detection of key compliance phrases.

  • Harness best-in-class artificial intelligence tools such as Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis to automate reporting.

Single-stack reporting and analytics

Today’s contact centers support their customers across a number of communication channels. To gain actionable insights across channels, you need an all-in-one CX solution with native reporting and analytics functionality.

Access reporting and analytics quickly and easily, through the same platform.

Single-Stack Solution, Streamlined Analytics

Choose an all-in-one CX solution with native recording and analytics functionality. With a single-stack solution, you can get visibility of every interaction, regardless of channel. Access analytics quickly and easily, through the same platform.


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