The Best of Content Guru – CKS® the Streamlined CRM

The focus of this penultimate instalment in the ‘The Best of Content Guru’ series is storm® CKS® (Customer Knowledge System), the fourth of Content Guru‘s core differentiators. Although CKS serves as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, it offers so much more than your average CRM, and here’s why.

What is a CRM and why is it important?

A CRM system is a collective store of customer data, activity history and case information, which an organization uses to help build, manage and improve customer relationships, drive new business, and increase revenue.

Your organization may interact with hundreds and thousands of customers (if not more) across multiple communication channels each day. Without a centralized case management system, keeping track of each case is difficult. Notes get lost, details fall out of date, and follow-ups are easily forgotten. Similarly, the chances of building upon your existing customer relationships, and noticing opportunities for further sales disappear entirely. As such, having an accurate and accessible CRM system is the difference between winning and losing customer loyalty.

Why choose storm® CKS and Content Guru?

1. A single source of customer information

With CKS rather than a typical CRM system, your organization has the power to pull in, and store, real-time information from multiple third-party systems and communication channels, and leverage vast amounts of data without delay. In other words, CKS is a powerful data mediation layer, unifying systems of record and databases into a single, easy-to-use system. This gives your organization the strength to build a bigger picture of customers, generate richer actionable insights, and deliver better connected customer experiences.

Content Guru supports integrations for over 100 database engines, enabling CKS to leverage multiple systems of record through one interface. For quick access to information, CKS also allows customer service staff to view the recent and historic interactions of any customer – a 360° View of the Customer Journey – directly from their workspace. As a result, agents have the means to effortlessly track customer preferences and deliver truly personalized experiences.

2. Cloud-based

CKS is cloud-based, which provides users with mobility from any location with an internet connection. This makes CKS ideal for working from home, since new features and updates can be rolled out quickly and easily. Unlike an on-premise model which requires constant maintenance, a cloud-based model serves as a cost-effective alternative for organizations.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence harnesses CKS to make your self-service smarter, and your agents more effective. For example, chatbots can make intelligent routing decisions based on CKS information. As a result, customers can reach the best department to handle their enquiry. Moreover, AI has the ability to generate targeted recommendations for agents to deliver to customers. An AI-powered CRM system gives your salespeople greater opportunities to personalize customer interactions, and provide the services and products your customers need.

The power of storm® CKS®

Looking for a competitive and flexible CRM solution? Learn more about storm CKS today.