How a Microsoft Teams Contact Center Integration Boosts CX

Microsoft Teams is the number 1 collaboration platform in 41 countries, and your organization is likely using it for internal collaboration.[1] However, if Microsoft Teams is not integrated into your contact center solution, your customer experience (CX) will suffer. So how does the storm® Microsoft Teams contact center integration give your CX the boost it needs?

Connected communications drive productivity

There are multiple collaboration platforms on today’s market, and your employees use a variety to communicate with one another each day. While the purpose of these platforms is to enable employees to work together more efficiently, using too many applications can have the opposite effect. 56% of app users say that switching between apps and other tools makes completing work harder. Further to this, 68% of those surveyed said they spent at least 30 minutes each day switching between apps.[2]

In a contact center, time is a crucial component to your customers’ experience, which means agent efficiency is essential. However, when your agents need to jump across applications to collaborate internally and find the information they need, it takes up valuable seconds to the detriment of the customer experience.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with your storm® cloud contact center solution makes collaboration and information gathering truly effortless. Connect to colleagues through a single interface, and watch workforce productivity soar.

Aligned front and back office achieves faster FCR and greater CX

Front-office agents are the single point of customer contact in your contact center. However, agents may not have access to the information they need to effectively resolve an issue. In these cases, a back-office, subject-matter expert is more suited to answer a call.

The storm Microsoft Teams contact center solution blends front- and back-office into a single seamless, unified environment for employees to communicate both externally and internally.

With integrated, real-time presence information, your agents know which back-office colleagues are available in that exact moment to provide assistance – all through a single interface. No time is wasted waiting for responses from colleagues that are not available, meaning your customers receive expert advice quickly.

The Microsoft Teams integration brings back-office colleagues into the storm environment, giving them the power to make and receive external phone calls on any device using Teams. Front-office users even have the ability to transfer calls from storm to back-office subject matter experts on Teams, and vice versa.

Saving time between front- and back-office with streamlined collaboration creates a more connected service, leading to faster First Call Resolution (FCR), and overall better customer experiences.

Unified communications: The foundation of efficiency

The COVID-19 crisis largely impacted the ways in which we communicate on a daily basis, both in our work and personal lives. In 2020, the number of daily Microsoft Teams users jumped from 44 million in March to 75 million in April, then to 145 million by April 2021.[3] As a result, video calling applications are now a pivotal means of communication within organizations.

Although your organization is using Teams to collaborate internally, integration is the only way to engage with back office staff efficiently. Therefore, you need to integrate Microsoft Teams into your contact center environment to maximize CSAT.

Take collaboration to the next level with storm®

Combine the well-known and popular collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Teams with the award-winning storm full-stack contact center solution. storm provides 99.999% reliability and virtually limitless scalability to ensure no call is dropped and a consistently excellent standard is maintained.

The storm RECORDER™ and storm VIEW™ modules provide converged recording of every channel, and full end-to-end reporting on all interactions, including those via Teams. These powerful modules provide scope for sentiment analysis and quality management, enabling you to monitor and support agents to ensure a consistent service level and compliance.

Content Guru is one of the first contact center solution providers to become a certified Microsoft Teams partner. Boost your CX today with the storm Microsoft Teams contact center integration.

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