How businesses can rise from a recession

In a recession, businesses will be hit hard and face considerable setbacks, from which they might not recover. But before your business begins to batten down the hatches and prepares to weather the approaching storm, have you thought about how to make the most of a recession?

Amidst the financial uncertainty of a recession, businesses typically look to reduce expenses and increase efficiencies. However, have you considered how this will affect your customer experience (CX)? Your customers are crucial in economic hardship. If you scale back your CX due to budget cuts, your customers will go elsewhere for the service they expect.

The key to thriving off a recession is knowing how to apply a limited budget to enhance CX. By doing so, your CX will be a competitive advantage during, and coming out of, a recession.

Don’t ride out a recession, thrive in it. Here’s how.

Flexibility for all

We all like the freedom to do what we want, when we want, and how we want. Moving your CX estate to the cloud provides such flexibility, for both your organization and your workforce.

Migrating your contact center systems to the cloud will give your organization resilience in a crisis, as your workforce have the ability to access the tools they need from any location with an internet connection. This enables your organization to be more flexible, and save money on real-estate and running costs.

With the right cloud contact center provider, one that offers rich functionality and expertise in integration, you have the opportunity to create the perfect cloud contact center solution. You can buy what you need to complement your existing infrastructure and systems. Whether you choose ready-to-use modules for the cost conscious, or a bespoke solution with inter-working features, building the best cloud solution for your organization is easier than you think.

Invest wisely

Technology is the key facilitator of great CX in the modern-day contact center. From understanding consumer habits better, to providing superior self-service capabilities, technological innovations can make a world of difference to the customer journey – but it doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

Self-service and automated technologies enable you to do more with less, which is essential to maintaining high customer service levels throughout a recession. With tactful investment in only the features that you need, you can deliver superior service on a budget, and even customize the perfect solution to enhance your current setup.

Service automation such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) routes inquiries to the best suited agents and back office support, saving your organization valuable time and resources. A fast and informative customer journey is vital to building customer loyalty.

Chat bots allow customers to easily access routine information, reducing the volume of inbound calls. This speeds up response time and enables agents to deal with complex issues, ultimately improving your CX.

Don’t have the budget for a complete cloud contact center solution that’s fully kitted with the latest, cutting-edge technologies? A hybrid cloud and on-premise solution, or cost-effective service package is the way to go. This way, your organization can leverage a comprehensive suite of abilities and deliver exceptional CX without being held back by resources, budget, or staff.

Value loyal customers

In tough times, loyal customers are your lifeline. They are also vital to bringing in new business following a recession. This makes maintaining customer loyalty your primary objective.

To deliver the best CX possible, it’s important to know where each customer is on their journey with your organization, so that you can deliver a connected and relevant experience to every, single, customer. With a CRM tool that provides a 360° view of your customers, you can personalize every interaction, build long-lasting relationships with your customer base, and drive brand loyalty that will carry you through any recession.

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