Coronavirus: CCaaS from Home

COVID-19 is spreading, and nobody knows how the situation is going to develop. Governments around the world are responding to the situation with bans on public gatherings and travel, and even quarantining whole cities.

The impact on business is already huge. Dozens of factories, schools, and offices around the world have closed, while conferences, meetings, and trips have been cancelled globally. Contact centers are especially exposed to this risk. Organizations planning their response need to look at two things – protecting their workers, and ensuring business continuity in the face of this threat.

How to Safeguard Continuity?

How do organizations not just operate, but thrive, in the face of this threat? Businesses responding to events like COVID-19 need to be one thing above all others – agile. They need to know that they are equipped to respond rapidly and appropriately to ongoing events, whether it is an outbreak like COVID-19, or a more common form of disruption like a power outage or severe weather.

If your organization has an outbreak, or your government implements social distancing measures, how will you ensure that your contact center continues to function? Do your current disaster recovery protocols allow you to continue working after your office has been closed with little to no notice? How, in the face of adversity, do you deliver great experiences to your customers?

You need to provide your colleagues, and your customers, with continuity of service. In order to enable your organization to rapidly move to distributed working models such as homeworking, you need to be backed by technology that offers that agility. Without the technology to back up your plans, your organization risks having to cease operations as well as close your contact center.

How we can help

Now is the time to act. Our award-winning CCaaS solution, storm®, gives contact centers the flexibility and, crucially, the speed that you need. Our cloud contact center solution can be deployed in days and ready-to-use wherever your agents are, whether that’s in the contact center or at home.

Due to its browser-based nature, all an agent or supervisor needs to carry on is an internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, and a headset. This means that your business can rapidly adapt in the face of disruption, and continue to provide your customers with great experiences. Content Guru can guide you through this process with a hybrid deployment, in which initially numbers and intelligent routing capabilities are moved to the cloud, whilst keeping the same familiar agent desktop. This deployment model acts as a stepping stone for organizations to rapidly move to a full CCaaS deployment as and when required.

Meanwhile, our scale means that even the largest contact centers can have a ready-to-go cloud contingency plan. Without significant investment, many on-premise contact centers are not set up to cater for all agents working from home. As storm is a true cloud solution, however, the location of the agent does not matter, and it can scale immediately in line with a rapid move to homeworking.

A concern many organizations have with a move to homeworking, especially one which has to be implemented relatively quickly, is in how they ensure standards remain high, and that they are able to continue their auditing and compliance monitoring. Our Quality Management tool set, storm RECORDER™, delivers screen recording and omni-channel recording through the cloud, while our reporting interface, VIEW™, ensures that your supervisors can continue to monitor the contact center both historically and in real-time.