Better CX with the Customer Data Platform

Outstanding customer experience (CX) begins with knowledge. Knowledge of your business, and knowledge of your customers. Your customers expect speedy answers to their questions. To provide them, you need to have all relevant data at your fingertips. Better CX begins with the Customer Data Platform (CDP).

65% of customers agree that experience outdoes everything else, even advertising. The first few seconds of an interaction are the most important. If you can ace those opening moments, you can win a customer for life. How does the Customer Data Platform make this possible?

  • Instant personalization – from simple things like a personalized greeting, to functional knowledge of customer details and previous interactions, getting straight to the point speeds up the process.

  • Proactive contact – an accurate knowledge of your customer base can help you coordinate outbound communications. Well-placed proactive contact, perhaps offering a discount or opportunity, can reinforce a relationship.

  • Intelligent routing – forcing a customer to repeat details while being bounced between agents without result is the quickest way to lose them. Leveraging customer data and interaction history to support routing decisions makes First Contact Resolution (FCR) more likely.

  • Power Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiences – AI is the future of the contact center, but just like humans, AI requires data. And specifically data in accessible, compatible formats. The CDP provides this.

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The Customer Data Platform Creates Powerful Personalization

Picture this: a customer calls up your organization. Immediately, they are greeted by name—either by a human or automated agent. The customer’s reason for calling was collected within the IVR, and immediately the agent knows that their inquiry relates to previous interactions that failed to resolve their problem. The agent can see all previous steps taken to reach a resolution and suggest new ones.

The customer comes away feeling seen and understood. The interaction was quick, effective, and tailored to them. The customer wasn’t just a problem to be solved, but a person to be understood.

So how did the Customer Data Platform create better CX in this case?

  • Customer data screen-pops – from the moment the interaction begins, the agent is presented with all relevant data in the form of screen-pops. These appear within the agent interface, with no need for the agent to tab out, or search through a database.

  • Complete interaction history – amongst these screen-pops is a complete history of a customer’s past interactions. This history is omnichannel, covering every channel of contact for a comprehensive picture.

  • Effortless wrap-up – once the interaction is completed, new customer data and a record of the interaction are uploaded directly to the CDP. This work can be completed within the agent interface, speeding up the post-call and letting the agent move on to the next interaction.

Through the Customer Data Platform, personalization makes better CX possible. And that’s not all, the CDP also enables proactive contact.

The Customer Data Platform Drives Impactful Proactive Contact

When a customer starts to waver, they’re not necessarily a lost cause. Well-placed proactive contact can tip the balance, convincing them to stay. This could look like a discount offer, or even a quick call to discuss their needs and opinions on your business. The simple act of reaching out can make the difference between loyalty and defection.

Proactive contact is a powerful customer experience tool. How does the Customer Data Platform make it possible?

  • Identify opportunities – the CDP provides a holistic view of your customer base. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be drawn out and presented within a single, intuitive interface. Customer sentiment can be tracked and customers of concern automatically flagged for proactive contact.

  • Seamless interactions – as described above, the CDP uses data screen-pops to empower agents during interactions. Interactions become quicker, with the agent having access to all relevant data from the off. Respect your customer’s time, and they’ll respect you.

  • Interaction analytics – the CDP consolidates all your customer data, drawing it into a single Data Aggregation Layer. Data drawn from previous interactions can be uploaded automatically, saving time both for customers and agents.

Proactive contact is a powerful tool for addressing waning customer sentiment. Ideally, however, customer sentiment would remain high at all times. To ensure that, you need to deliver customers the support they need when they need it. That’s where intelligent routing comes in.

Intelligent Routing Through the Customer Data Platform

Even before a customer speaks to an agent, the Customer Data Platform is working to create an outstanding experience.

Customers want their problem to be resolved quickly and on the first attempt. Forcing them to wait in a queue, bouncing them between agents until one is able to solve the problem, forcing them to call back later to get a resolution – all these poison your customer relationships. The CDP can help.

Intelligent routing is just one example of how the Customer Data Platform creates better CX. But the future has more in store for the CDP.

The Customer Data Platform Underpins the AI Revolution

AI is set to change of operation of the contact center forever. An increasing number of interactions can be automated, at a higher level of quality than ever before. Large Foundational Models allow Generative AI to produce fluent, personalized responses, creating outstanding experiences without the need for human intervention.

The potential impacts are enormous. Cost savings, improved efficiencies, and happy customers. Sounds great, right? But before you can begin your AI journey, you need to get a handle on your customer data.

  • Tailored AI interactions –Just like human agents, AI needs information on the customer before it can create a tailored experience. Without the backing of a Customer Data Platform, your AI becomes an inconvenience, rather than an aid.

  • Compatible data – To get the most from Generative AI, you need to tailor your model to the needs of your business. This requires data, specifically, data in a single, compatible format. The Customer Data Platform unifies data from across every single of record, placing it into a single format for ease of use.

  • AI-powered metrics – AI can do more than just create; it can record. Through sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing, AI can draw invaluable data from every single customer interaction. This data can then be automatically uploaded to the CDP, attached to a specific customer’s record, and used to power proactive contacts.

AI will provide immense value to contact centers within the next decade. But no skyscraper is built without a strong foundation. The future begins with data. Better CX begins with the Customer Data Platform.