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Workforce Optimization (WFO) for Resilient CX Agents

Agent success is customer success

If customers expect a great experience, your agents do too.

Workforce Optimization (WFO) is about more than schedules. storm® WFO™ gives you all the tools you need to schedule, supervise, and support your agents. Get agents up to speed with storm UNIVERSITY™. Drag-and-drop flexible schedules with storm WFM™. Ensure that every interaction is high quality with storm QM™ and storm RECORDER™. Hear the voice of the employee with storm ASK™.

How Workforce Engagement Management helps businesses

  • £202,125 – the average cost of agent turnover for the typical contact center per year.1

  • 80% - of businesses identify improving agent experience as important to their success.2

  • 93% - of employees would stay with a company longer if that employer valued their careers.3

  • 13% - increase in productivity for happy workers.4

Workforce Engagement Management has never been easier

Flexible forecasting

When demand is unpredictable, setting an agent’s schedule is a challenge. Use storm WFM to forecast future interactions. Set schedules for both human and machine agents. Access your existing databases to factor in cost, staffing, and agent skill. Face the future with confidence.

Comprehensive recording

Ensure exceptional quality. Use storm RECORDER to view and assess interactions over any platform. Check for compliance across all channels. Use AI analysis to easily oversee agents at any level.  Achieve compliance across 100% of contacts.

Real-time reporting

Get a 360-degree view of every interaction. Use storm VIEW™ to draw data from across your entire CX estate. Display that data with accurate to the second, real-time reports, created through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

Guide your agents

Equip your agents with the knowledge they need to meet every challenge. With storm CKS®: Knowledge Management, you can bring all your knowledge onto a single platform. Guide agents and customers through knowledge bases with custom decision trees. Empower your agents to provide answers, every time.

Meet your objectives

Achieve the highest standard of CX, every time, with storm QM Monitor agent performance with custom score sheets. Get detailed feedback that adapts to your KPIs. Manage your workforce with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Cutting-edge learning

Invest in your most valuable resource. Provide powerful, integrated training materials with storm UNIVERSITY. Capture and display best practice with storm SCREEN RECORDER™. Use storm QM to drill down into agent performance, and tailor training to individual needs.

Detailed feedback

Engage with your agents. Use storm ASK™ to gather agent feedback. Incorporate employee preferences into management practices. Let your agents feel heard, understood, and valued.

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