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CX Case Management with ServiceNow CRM Integration

Delight your customers with seamless case management

Your contact center uses a number of different systems.

Your agents need access to siloed information in a single interface.

ServiceNow enables seamless case management in the contact center. Agents need instant access to information from ServiceNow alongside their contact center tools. This enables them to provide a seamless customer service experience.

storm® INTEGRATE™: ServiceNow® enables effective case management through a single pane of glass.

How storm® INTEGRATE™: ServiceNow® helps businesses

  • Get back in touch with contacts with one click, from anywhere, with the web-enabled interface.

  • ServiceNow case information is automatically screen-popped to the agent.

  • Intelligent Automated Contact Distribution (iACD®) logic automatically routes customers from all channels to the most suitable agent.

Unify Your Systems of Record

Unify Communications and Data

Removing data siloes is the key to delivering great customer service. Feed in information from ServiceNow to your contact center, to gather a 360-degree view of the customer.

Increase Productivity

Use automation to remove manual tasks. ServiceNow case information is automatically screen-popped to the agent upon customer contact. New cases are automatically created as required. This gives agents have more time to engage in complex, valuable tasks.

Seamlessly Omni-channel

Gather data across all channels. Get up-to-date ServiceNow information from every channel for complete reliability.

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