Why the Future of Social Media in the Contact Center is Visual

Having a social media presence is a fundamental requirement for any modern organization. Organizations must now be more than simply ‘present’ if they wish to form meaningful connections with customers. Lack of action on social media has the potential to damage brand reputation, and drive customers to a competitor for the service they expect. But what exactly do customers expect of social media customer support? Are there unique benefits of incorporating social media into customer engagement, and is visual social media the future? Read on to find out just how important social media is in the contact center, especially channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

The expectations of social media customer service

Regardless of channel, customers expect quick responses. If not, they will try another channel, or go to a competitor. Another general expectation of customer service is personalization. Customers will acknowledge any organization that has gone the extra mile to meet them on their channel of choice, and taken their preferences into account.

In order to meet these expectations and leave a positive impression on customers, organizations must take more than a half-hearted approach to incorporating social media into their customer engagement. Only by integrating social media channels completely can organizations ensure a highly responsive, personalized, and seamless user experience, while avoiding creating data siloes.

The rewards of integrating social media as a channel in the contact center

The high expectations of social media customer support come with high reward if organizations integrate channels effectively.

Social media enables organizations to be truly omni-channel, which is crucial to delivering top-notch customer engagement on every channel. In addition to social media allowing organizations to tap into a wider audience, an omni-channel contact center with social media is much more time- and cost-effective than all-phone agents. Agents can be productive, and respond to social media questions and comments in between calls – even after hours, with 24/7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) support.

To learn more about the benefits of incorporating social media as a channel in the contact center, read our thought leadership article: ‘Why Social Media Integration Is A Must’.

Visual channels are the future of customer engagement

Today’s customers have little time or patience to provide long explanations, or draft highly detailed descriptions. Sharing an image or a video is an incredibly simple way to communicate a situation or a problem. Using photos and videos, consumers can get to the heart of their problem instantly. This then allows customer support staff to identify and verify issues, and even to solve customer problems, much faster than through a lengthy written or verbal account.

Simplicity pays. 76% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications.[1] Therefore there is value in visuals, which is why organizations must take their digital experiences to the next level if they want to meet customer desires. To do this, contact centers need to leverage visual social media channels.

The Meta channels: Why Facebook and Instagram are indispensable

Facebook and Instagram – both of these photo and video sharing social networks exceed 1 billion active users worldwide.[2] Moreover, they are the top 2 platforms where consumers follow brands.[3] Use of these channels is skyrocketing, and not just by Millennials and Generation Z. According to Sprout Social, the Baby Boomer generation has increased its social media use over the past year by 54%.[3]

The current generation of social media is undoubtedly visual, and will continue to be so. For this reason, organizations must look to thoroughly integrate visually-driven social media channels into their customer engagement. This will in turn ensure organizations deliver seamless experiences, build loyalty, and drive business growth.

Make meaningful customer connections through social media with storm®

The storm® cloud contact center solution by Content Guru is omni-channel by design, enabling agents to deliver meaningful customer experiences across any channel. storm supports the majority of the world’s most popular social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Trustpilot, LINE, Viber, and even Instagram. Photo and video sharing applications are the future of customer engagement, and Content Guru is ready to help organizations achieve their omni-channel visions.

Through the storm Desktop Task Assistant (DTA®), contact center agents are able to receive, and respond to, all omni-channel interactions effortlessly. Via a single interface that feeds agents interactions from a single blended queue, agents have the means to be highly proactive with their workload, and deliver excellent service across every channel. With the entire omni-channel customer journey available at the agent’s fingertips, customers receive a seamless experience wherever they are.

Make meaningful customer connections through social media with storm by learning more about contact center social media integration today.

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