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Seamless Video for the Customer Contact

Uplevel your voice channel CX

Sometimes a call isn’t enough to solve customer problems first time. You need more context than what a voice conversation can provide.

Get the most out of your voice channel with storm® LINK, a powerful and feature-rich customer engagement tool that allows organizations to deliver video, file, and location sharing services within a call.

storm LINK provides a versatile solution that supports quick and convenient resolutions, boosting customer satisfaction, improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates, and increasing business efficiency.

storm LINK features

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Live one-way and two-way video

Share live one-way and two-way video while on a call. Callers can show customer service representatives what they mean, and toggle between their front and rear-facing cameras to help explain a situation more clearly.

Powerful Recordings for Quality Management

Fast file sharing

Share files in the moment, such as images, videos and documents – even live pictures taken there and then – to help resolve issues quickly and on the first attempt.

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Accurate location sharing

Pinpoint or track a caller on the move with accurate location sharing.

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Secure, single-use WebRTC link

LINK can be launched at any time during a voice call; no scheduling or app necessary. The caller simply clicks on the single-use link sent to them via SMS or email.

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Customizable LINK templates

Increase team speed and efficiency with customizable LINK templates. Supervisors can create LINK templates in advance for their agents to select. A template defines the messaging, styling, and features of each LINK, whether video, file, or location sharing, a combination of these features, or all three.

The voice of the customer

Janice Greenhill, Chief Operating Officer at HUC

LINK is used by HUC to help deliver NHS 111 and Out of Hours services that for over 3.5 million people in the East of England.

“With UK lockdown measures in place and growing fears over the risks of face-to-face consultations, our over-the-phone urgent care services were busier than ever. We needed a way to make video consultations a realistic option for our services, thereby minimizing in person contact while ensuring patients can be assessed properly.

“Having worked with Content Guru and used their storm platform for 5 years, we were confident they would be able to provide us with a solution. The team worked quickly to roll out video consultations for our clinicians, an easy-to-use application which is now utilized by our teams.”


storm LINK benefits

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Build customer trust

LINK helps your organization establish a personal connection with customers, and build rapport. In addition, single-use WebRTC links and video controls allow your organization to maintain secure communications and protect caller privacy, further strengthening customer trust and loyalty.

The Power of Scalability

Increase business efficiency

LINK helps customers explain their situation more clearly, making it easier and faster to resolve issues. This reduces repeat calls, visits, or other contacts, increasing business efficiency and FCR.

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Improve agent experience

LINK empowers agents to make the best decision in the moment and personalize the customer experience. They can choose the distribution method for the LINK to suit customer preferences, migrate the customer from a phone call to a LINK interaction at any time, and customize the message that accompanies the LINK.

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