Products: storm® ASK

End-to-End Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Made Easy

Delivering great customer experience (CX) starts with your customers

Understanding your customers’ wants, needs, preferences and opinions is key to delivering CX that meets their expectations.

Your business needs a quick and easy surveying tool to gather valuable insights from customer interactions across multiple channels, that when actioned, increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) and loyalty.

The storm® ASK™ multi-channel surveying solution gives you the means to capture the Voice of the Customer at scale, enhance your CX, and boost CSAT.

How storm ASK helps businesses

Boost CSAT

Build relationships with your customers that last. Find out what your customers think across a variety of demographics, react quickly to any problems, and capitalize on new opportunities.

Efficient and cost-effective

Fit for all your surveying needs. storm requests, collates, and makes sense of the data for you, reducing the cost of gathering regular customer feedback across multiple channels and providing timely insights.

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