Working with Content Guru

Content Guru believes that great customer experience creates loyal customers

Loyal customers become advocates.

The success of your brand and your business depends on making your customers feel heard and understood.

Our expert solutions, service, and support teams work closely with your organization at every stage of the customer sales cycle.

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We partner with our customers

Dedicated solutions teams work closely with organizations to understand their needs. Customer working groups, together with our App Exchange, allow for customer collaboration.

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We understand your business

We understand that every sector and every customer has unique needs. We hold regular workshops with customers to ensure clear, two-way communication. Our knowledgeable sales team provides customer demonstrations to show storm®’s capabilities in action.

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Our solutions are unique

Leveraging our industry experts, we offer unique solutions to our customers. Depending on the needs of the organization, we provide thousands of custom and off-the-shelf solutions. We provide ‘sandbox’ environments, which allow teams to explore storm’s functionality.


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storm in action – Hospitality

“storm met our technical needs without exceeding our financial requirements. Since then, the solution’s flexibility has enabled us to make continuous service improvements ourselves. We have also worked in partnership with the storm team to enhance our service”.

- Manager Facility Service Desk, Sodexo

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storm in action – Healthcare

“storm delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm… the solution will be instrumental in realizing our digitalization objectives”.

- Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care), NHS London SHA

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storm in action – Retail

“As a global delivery network of florists and customers, communications are key to getting orders delivered accurately and punctually… storm helps us deliver superior customer experience and improve operational performance”.

- ICT Manager, Fleurop Interflora

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We offer 24/7 support

Dedicated support teams are available 24/7 for our customers all over the world. Our customers receive a fast and effective response to all inquiries. We provide expert training and onsite launch support for all our customers.

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We drive innovation

Technological advancements to storm ensure that our customers can always benefit from cutting-edge technology. Our customer success teams work closely with our clients to ensure customers maximize storm’s potential.

Delivering to our customers

From the very start of the sales cycle, we tailor our approach to the needs of the customer.

We have the ability to deploy at pace, often in a matter of hours. This minimizes disruption to customers and agents and leverages existing investments.

The company’s Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline allow updates to be made without affecting the delivery schedule.

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Content Guru’s dedicated solutions team works closely with customers to understand their challenges, demands, and goals. Our experienced team members find ways to remove friction and fill gaps in the customer journey.


Content Guru’s projects are delivered by expert team members. For large projects, requiring detailed up-front design, a Waterfall methodology is used and additional features are layered over the initial solution. For projects where features need to be prioritized and delivered incrementally, an agile method can be used.


Qualified, effective service is delivered by Content Guru’s expert engineers. Dedicated sector-based account managers ensure that customers have a contact who intimately understands their challenges, demands, and goals.