In the age of remote working, your employees use a range of different digital tools to communicate with one another. To keep your business running as usual during unprecedented times, and to optimize your operations, it is essential that you align your front and back–office teams, by providing them with access to their preferred methods of collaboration.

To be successful, an organization’s external communications solution needs to integrate with the organization’s internal technology, such as Zoom.

A Unified Solution

storm® users can now join, launch and schedule Zoom meetings with their colleagues. storm provides employees with a seamless, unified environment through which they can communicate both externally, with customers, and internally, with the wider organization.

Rich Functionality

storm® Integrate: Zoom allows your staff to make use of the rich functionality that Zoom offers; including voice, video, screen-sharing and inter-conference messaging availability.

Intuitive Interface

Zoom is always accessible on storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant) via the intuitive UC Control Panel, alongside other storm applications. “Full Screen” view is available and adapts automatically according to video stream orientation.

An Easy-To-Use Integration

storm Integrate: Zoom allows users to start an instant meeting from the Zoom tab on the UC Control Panel in storm DTA. Users can also join a Zoom meeting through storm using the meeting ID and password, without a logging into a Zoom account.

Through the Zoom tab on storm, users are able to start, schedule, or join meetings as a voice-call or video-call participant. When used in conjunction with the user’s own Zoom account*, meetings created directly in Zoom will automatically appear on the storm Zoom integration tab.

Use of the storm Zoom integration solution with an agent’s own Zoom user account is securely managed via full integration with the Zoom App Marketplace.*

*Requires Zoom license (not provided by Content Guru)

Empower Your Agents

Improve the experience of front-office agents, by empowering them to collaborate with the wider organization, gather information, and connect with their colleagues. storm Integrate: Zoom comes as a standard feature of storm UCTM, Content Guru’s unified communications solution in the cloud. storm UC provides agents with integrated communication tools to support customer interactions and employee collaboration.

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Privacy Policy

storm Integrate: Zoom respects your privacy:

  • storm will store your Zoom User ID, display name, and Personal Meeting ID, and will also store the Zoom Meeting IDs of meetings created and shared through storm Integrate: Zoom. This data is stored expressly for the purpose of using the storm Integrate: Zoom, and is not used by storm for any other purpose.
    The data is held inside storm in an encrypted format and can only be retrieved by the storm Integrate: Zoom feature.
    You will be asked to consent to the use of this data when you install and authorise storm Integrate: Zoom through the Zoom App Marketplace. If you later de-authorise storm Integrate: Zoom, all data will be removed from storm.

  • When you sign into Zoom, the sign-in operation is performed directly on Zoom’s servers, and your Zoom account credentials are not stored or retained in the storm system

    When you are logged in to Zoom from storm Integrate:Zoom, your use of Zoom services and your Zoom account is subject to Zoom’s own Privacy Policy and security settings.

  • Terms of Use

    You must be an existing storm customer in order to use storm Integrate: Zoom.

    storm Integrate: Zoom is provided free-of-charge to storm customers for the specific purpose of joining and hosting Zoom meetings from your storm Agent Desktop workspace, using your own Zoom account.


    Please contact Zoom for issues directly related to your Zoom account, such as problems with in signing-in to Zoom, or issues with scheduled meetings.

    Content Guru will provide support for using storm Integrate: Zoom with storm Agent Desktop under the terms of your storm service agreement.

    Reporting an Incident

    Any incidents related to storm services can be reported by telephone directly to Content Guru, or by email.
    Once your system has gone live, use the following email address for support issues:

    If the issue is severe, please contact Content Guru by telephone using the local number provided in your storm onboarding pack.
    Support is provided between 7 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. If you require 24/7 support, contact your Content Guru account manager, who will be able to provide you with access PIN details.