Work has changed, but your customers’ expectations haven’t.

Employee performance has a direct impact on customer experience, and so the ‘agent journey’ should be as important as the ‘customer journey’.

Workforce Optimization and Workforce Engagement Management are about more than scheduling and monitoring. With contact centers shifting from their traditionally closely-monitored environments to a newly distributed workforce, it is more important than ever to ensure you have the right tools to manage, optimize, and engage your workforce.

storm® WFO

storm WFO is Content Guru’s powerful single-stack Workforce Optimization and Engagement Management solution. storm WFO combines AI-powered Workforce Management with omni-channel reporting, analytics, quality management, and powerful, easy-to-use knowledge tools.

storm WFO gives you all the tools you need to schedule, supervise, and support your employees – wherever they are, and whatever channel or device they are using.

Get the right staff in the right place, at the right time, to deliver outstanding customer experiences.
Gain 100% visibility across all interactions with AI-backed quality management.
Track performance at corporate, group, and agent level, all through a single interface.
Empower agents to deliver a best-in-class service experience with intuitive, centrally-configured Knowledge Management.

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How do the building blocks of contact center workforce optimization and engagement management fit together?

Onboard new starters swiftly…

Train agents to deliver best-in-class CX…

Schedule the right agents at the right time…

Guide them through interactions…

Monitor every interaction along with agent, group, and organization performance…

Report on agent and contact center performance…

…Gather Feedback from agents and feed the data into systems and processes.


Onboard agents with storm CONTACT™, with streamlined, automated user provisioning through storm SCIM™. Minimize administrative time spent setting up users, and maximize new starters’ time by using supervisor and training tools in storm DTA® to guide them through setup.

Helping your agents acclimatize to their working environment is crucial for hybrid and distributed working models, as agents working from home are faced with new processes, systems, and people without face-to-face guidance. Ensure a smooth transition from new starter to superstar agent by minimizing the administrative burden of onboarding, and offering in-the-moment guidance directly within their new interface.


Train agents with integrated training materials in storm UNIVERSITY™ and supervisor tools in storm DTA®. Give agents the knowledge and experience to deliver stand-out customer experiences every time, tailoring their training in order to maximize their unique skills and potential.

The days of one-size-fits-all training are long gone. The intelligent omni-channel routing of storm directs your customers to agents according to their skills, personalities, and preferences, and so each agent’s training should be as personalized as your customers’ experiences.



Schedule both human and machine agents with storm WFM™. Forecast incoming interactions and create optimized schedules, taking agent preferences, skills, and availability into account.





Guide agents through interactions with assistance from storm CKS™: Knowledge Management and powerful scripting tools in storm DTA®. Ensure that agents can give a high-quality, personalized customer experience every time, augmenting their existing skills with specialized knowledge at their fingertips.

The unified storm DTA interface ensures that time spent switching between applications for data and information is all but eliminated. Every interaction, task, and case is visible within a single pane of glass, with contextual information on customers queries presented to agents at the right moment.


Monitor and Evaluate agent performance with storm QM™ and storm RECORDER™. Omni-channel recording allows visibility across all interactions, and powerful but easy-to-use post-call analysis gives supervisors in-depth insight into agent performance.

storm RECORDER allows transcription and analytics across all interactions, including voice, digital, and social channels. By automating recording and monitoring tasks, and using AI-driven analytics tools such as sentiment analysis, QM teams can evaluate agent performance quickly and effectively at multiple levels.


Report on every aspect of contact center and agent performance with storm VIEW™ and storm QM™. Use powerful metrics to gain data-driven insights into agent performance, with configurable KPIs allowing metrics to be tracked and recognized at agent, group, and organizational levels.

Configurable scoresheets and drill-down reports deliver data and trends at-a-glance, and metrics can be customized according to campaign requirements as well as performance needs.


Gather feedback from agents using storm ASK™ and storm QM™. Incorporate the ‘Voice of the Employee’ into your management practices to ensure that agent feedback can be actioned, and that agents are valued, heard, and engaged.

Agents can provide scheduled and ad-hoc feedback directly within the storm DTA, and AI-backed analytics can monitor both customer and agent sentiment across all channels.

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