In the fast-paced customer service environment, expectations on companies to provide a personalized customer experience are becoming increasingly tied to business success. Customers tired from waiting in long queues to be served by an agent will show frustration when asked to repeat information that they have already provided in previous interactions. In order to keep up with customer expectations, agents need to be equipped with the relevant data to personalize each interaction, before they engage with a contact.

storm® CKS®

storm CKS (Customer Knowledge System) can be deployed as a lightweight CRM and case management solution, or as an overlay, which allows all customer and case data to be integrated into the storm agent desktop. CKS can provide converged CRM, knowledge management, case management, and ticketing capabilities.

When deployed alongside omni-channel storm contact management features, CKS can screen-pop customer data to agents when an interaction is received. This ensures that agents are provided with detailed customer information before they accept the contact, allowing them to tailor each interaction to the specific needs and interaction-history of the contact. CKS can also enable intelligent, knowledge-based interaction routing, ensuring that customers are able to speak to the most appropriate agent for their inquiry every time they contact an organization.

CRM Integrations

storm integrations are designed to fit the customer. As well as storm CKS, the offering also includes numerous off-the-shelf integrations with industry-leading CRMs. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle RightNow and Siebel, and SAP ERP can be easily integrated with any communications system, enabling users to deliver enhanced, personalized services to customers, using the CRM functionality of their choice.

Content Guru’s expertise in developing custom integrations also enables storm to interface with proprietary data systems via bespoke Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), eliminating the need to rip-and-replace existing systems.

CKS in Action

One of the Europe’s largest independent providers of health social care uses CKS as their main patient registration system.

The provider uses Content Guru’s core modules to integrate into local GPs, allowing customers to book GP appointments and manage their account via a browser.

All information input by patients or GPs is then transferred directly into CKS to be maintained securely until the patient or GP require this information to be retrieved.