Rightmove wanted to provide a best-in-class experience for users and estate agents, and offer a better way for agents to see all of their traffic in one go. It is crucial that Rightmove offers agents a service that enables them to quickly respond to the home hunters contacting them.

storm has empowered Rightmove to provide a more efficient service, with simple self-provisioning number management and near real-time view of all its traffic across geographic numbers.

Real-time information and call-recording on-demand gives estate agents all the data they need to monitor their quality of service and optimize sales effectiveness.

An auto-generated Telephone Lead Report shows estate agents exactly how many leads are being delivered by Rightmove, making it easy for them to see their ROI.

As Rightmove’s brand awareness has increased, it has scaled its business and now runs over 40,000 numbers on storm.

“Rightmove uses storm to deliver leads to UK estate agents every day. In the current climate, it is essential for our clients that every lead is easy to monitor and that no opportunities are missed. Our customers need to be agile and responsive in the way they handle enquiries, or they could risk losing thousands in revenue. storm allows us to make the buyer’s or renter’s journey as smooth as possible, providing our customers with improved visibility of telephone leads, enabling them to react instantly in a competitive environment.”

Estate Agency Director, Rightmove