The storm® team assisted NHS 111 London by helping develop the Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution, securely integrating distinct medical and care information systems to automatically decide (based on factors such as frequency of repeat calling or medical history) how best to route interactions. This has led to significant improvements in patient experience, through enabling a more direct routing to the most appropriate medical person.

Deployed in 2 months, managing any concurrent level of demand.

More than 50% reduction in ambulance conveyance.

Callers are 5 times more likely to have their call closed by 111.

storm® delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm® as we go forward, and it will be instrumental in realising our digitalization objectives. Most importantly, however, is that we’re able to substantially improve the experience of Londoners calling NHS 111 and the outcomes of our patients, ensuring that they get through to the care and support they need, when they need it, first time.”

Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care), NHS London SHA