EDF Energy is one of the UK’s largest energy companies, supplying gas and electricity to around 6 million business and residential customer accounts across the country.

With EDF Energy’s customer-facing contact center facing high levels of demand from customers inquiring across a huge range of topics, from insulation through to price changes, providing a consistent, rapid and quality experience across multiple channels of communications became challenging.

Tariff renewals are now treated by storm®’s automated contact center, enabling 60-70% of customers to completely self-service and reducing the need for live agent involvement.

storm VIEW automatically produces detailed, reports, enabling back-office staff to quickly input tariff information within 2 minutes on average, reducing total handling time by 11-16 minutes.

storm reduces average contact time to 2 minutes enabling customers to update tariffs far more rapidly and freeing up agents to handle non-routine interactions.

“EDF Energy has maintained a strong working relationship with Content Guru since 2008, when the company initially leveraged the  storm platform’s automated contact center and mass alerting capabilities. We needed to deliver our automated renewal service on a tight timescale, and other providers were unable to satisfy this—or to provide a cost-effective solution.

Content Guru exceeded our expectations by delivering the project end-to-end in less than a month, enabling us to go live with a service that’s set to save our customers—and our agents — 280,000 hours throughout 2015. We now deliver a more efficient service to our customers making it easier for them to renew their gas and electricity tariffs.”

Telephony Optimization Manager,
EDF Energy