storm Customer Knowledge System (CKS) is Content Guru’s CRM application which provides organizations with a streamlined, user-friendly knowledge management, case management and ticketing solution. CKS combines the most useful key features of a CRM and seamlessly integrates into an organization’s whole communications infrastructure, to provide enhanced customer engagement and experiences.

User-friendly, intuitive application
Easy access from any location or device
Enhanced personalization
More efficient and accurate reporting of interactions and cases

CKS can be deployed as a standalone solution, or be bolted on to organizations’ existing storm infrastructure almost instantaneously. The application is browser-based, ensuring that users can access any stored data at any time, from any place, allowing users to work remotely or on the move as easily as if they were in the office.

Interaction Personalization

Upon incoming contact, users are immediately presented with a screen pop with relevant customer information, allowing them to personalize the interaction and save time by reducing the need for customers to repeat their information. CKS also ensures a consistency and accuracy in reporting, by automatically populating customer and activity records as and when new information occurs or is inserted in the storm DTA®. Users are also able to view all interaction history with a particular contact in the DTA, enabling them to understand the relationship with a customer and if there have been any recurring issues, as well as making it easier for Supervisors to quickly find and review engagements between a contact and an agent.

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CKS is an intuitive system which is efficient and easy-to-use, whilst also harboring all required functionalities to ensure organizations across all sectors can provide tailored and informed responses to customers, and safely record all data. Ultimately, CKS enhances business outcomes by ensuring customers are satisfied.

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