Aligning front and back–office collaborative tools is essential to enabling contact center agents to deliver the best customer service during the continuing age of remote working. Today’s professionals, together with their partners and customers, use a host of different tools in order to collaborate.

Any organization not able to accommodate a customer’s preferred methods will lose out to one who can. An omni-channel, customer-facing, cloud-based communications solution should integrate with the organization’s internal-facing technology, such as Teams, in order to be fully effective.

A Unified Solution

Front-office users can now transfer calls on storm® to back-office subject matter experts on Teams, who can provide information on more complex matters. The process works equally effectively in the opposite direction for a seamless, unified environment. Users can also dial external numbers through Teams. Live availability statuses give front-office employees full visibility while communicating, with real-time presence sync available on storm across both systems.

Complete Recording

The storm Teams integration enables complete call and screen recording through the Teams application, to ensure there are no loopholes in your compliance and quality control framework.

End-to-End Reporting

storm VIEWTM, Content Guru’s real-time and historical reporting module, enables full end-to-end reporting on all interactions, including those on Teams. The integration provides powerful management information reporting across Teams and gives access to a range of sophisticated statistical analysis tools.

Reliable, Scalable, Functional

Combine Teams’ well-known and popular collaboration capabilities with Content Guru’s high-quality voice services. storm provides 99.999% reliability and virtually limitless scalability to ensure no call is dropped and a consistently excellent standard is maintained.

storm gives agents full call control through the Teams interface. Hunt group management can be easily performed using storm, and reported on through storm VIEW. VIEW displays management information from multiple services side by side on a single screen. storm RECORDERTM enables full converged recording of every channel of communication your employees use, so you can monitor quality in every aspect of your contact center activities. This provides scope for sentiment analysis and quality management, enabling you to monitor and support agents to ensure a consistent service level and complete compliance.

The ‘Knowledge Agent’

Improve first-contact resolution by empowering front-office agents to be a single point of customer contact who can collaborate quickly with the wider organization to solve any query. storm provides agents with integrated collaboration tools and provides access to the right information, at the right time, to support customer interactions. storm DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant), Content Guru’s unified agent environment, provides data-driven insights to enable the delivery of a personalized service experience. The intuitive interface allows employees to quickly locate one another, and view their live availability statuses, with presence sync available on DTA across both storm and Teams, to ensure full visibility and efficiency while collaborating.

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