Keep up with Customer Demands

Your customers want to know that they can reach you anywhere, at any time, from any device. They expect personalized interactions. And they want you to connect them to the information they need – when they need it. At Content Guru, we equip you with the tools to meet the requirements of users and deliver the best customer experience.

Keep up with Customer Demands

Ensure customers can reach the contact center 24/7, whatever the demand.

Get unparalleled insight into customer engagement.

Give agents the information they need for efficient, tailored interactions.

Ensure customers are automatically routed to the right agent or automated response.

Complex Communications. Simple Interactions.

storm® has been developed and continually refined to help facilitate the best customer experience. Our innovations exist to enhance every interaction that customers have with your organization.

Complex Communications. Simple Interactions

Deliver the Right Experience

There are times when customers want quick information and times when a conversation with a live agent is needed. Utilize Machine Agents to deal with customers requiring repetitive processes or information, leaving your agents available to provide a quality customer experience to those with more complex requests.


Cloud Contact Center

storm scales to handle any demand, so customers can always get through to you – and its omni-channel capability means they can contact you on virtually any device.

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Artificial Intelligence

Enhance agent performance and customer experience by automating low-skill or repetitive tasks. Our brain® AI enablement toolkit facilitates self-service and liberates agents to focus on high-value customers.

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Management Interfaces

Customer and colleague expectations continue to grow exponentially. We ensure your services are continuously optimized and updated rapidly to keep you in line with expectations. Our web portals make it easy to create, configure and update services in real time.

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Gain unparalleled insight into your engagement operations with storm VIEW™. Use our statistical analysis tools to refine and improve service and reduce response times.

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