Global events have significantly impacted the need for all industries to develop remote working solutions. This is no different for contact centers looking to deliver great customer engagement.

storm® carries a number of key features that allow contact centers to continue operating at full functionality even whilst all workers are in disparate locations.

The resources below will help you to adapt your contact center to a homeworking environment, support your customers, and deliver a consistent service during this period of uncertainty.

An Introduction to Homeworking in the Contact Center During COVID-19

CCaaS from Home Webinars

Minimize Disruption to your Agents and Customers

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Compliance from Home

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Efficiency from Home

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Experience from Home

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Using Technology to Safeguard Continuity

Organizations planning their response need to look at two things – protecting their workers, and ensuring business continuity in the face of changing circumstances. As the world adapted to remote working, we looked at how a cloud contact center could support business continuity and be set up rapidly.

Rapid and Reliable Set Up

storm for Disaster Recovery

storm DRTM gives you an enterprise-grade home working solution within hours. storm is already trusted by thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of agents to deliver great customer experiences. storm DR can be implemented remotely, allowing your agents to continue providing excellent customer service from home, through a single, browser-based interface.

storm DR can be either installed as a complete, end-to-end cloud contact center solution, or layered over existing infrastructure, allowing contact centers of every kind to benefit from efficient homeworking functionality.

Full Compliance Regardless of Location

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis, many organizations had limited contingency plans, and were unprepared for a complete, rapid, move to homeworking. This meant that some features of the contact center were prioritized over others, in order to ensure that customers could continue making contact.

Amongst the functionalities missing in most home-working set-ups were those systems that ensure activities can be carried out in a compliant manner. This oversight leaves agents unable to discuss sensitive data over the phone, leaving some vulnerable customers exposed and limited by their options.

Download the full Compliance from Home flyer to find out how storm can help you regain lost functionality regardless of agent location and provide consistent excellent customer engagement.

A prime example of lost functionality in contact centers is the ability to take PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payments over the phone. Without this, many organizations have been unable to take payments during voice interactions and instead refer customers to another method. This interrupts the flow and efficiency of the customer journey. When making payments over the phone, customers may need to quickly ask an agent small questions about the transaction before providing their details. When customers are required to pay over a different channel, they may have to queue again for agent attention in order to ask these questions, increasing caller wait time, and decreasing interaction efficiency.

In the below video, you can see how storm PADLOCKTM can help agents take fully compliant payments in one seamless interaction with customers.

Read more about Compliant Payments from Home

Remote Quality Supervision

storm VIEWTM is a cloud-based management information reporting package specifically for your contact center, accessible through the browser. This accessibility means that storm’s feature set can easily be accessed from home and utilized in exactly the same way it would be on-site in the contact center.

Wallboard interfaces allow supervisors to monitor agents effectively, while the ‘whisper’ functionality of storm CONTACTTM enables supervisors to assist agents during customer interactions. This ensures that agents can provide consistently excellent standards of customer service, despite working remotely.

Fill in the form to find out how storm can aid your supervisors in both their day to day management, and reporting activities.

Fully customizable real-time reporting interface.
Real-time supervisor control from home, with whisper prompts and, if required, ‘barge-in’ prompts.
Best in-class Quality Management, including screen recordings.
Single point management of all written communications channels as well as voice.

Our CCaaS from Home Solutions in Action

Rail Delivery Group: Home Working Within Hours

As a result of COVID-19, RDG had to rapidly evacuate their contact center in India. With no home-working solution immediately in place, and no ability to process calls from home, they found themselves in need of an alternative contact center solution.
Within hours of approval, the Content Guru team had enabled home working for RDG’s contact center advisors.


Moneyou: “Working from home is now also an option for us”

Last month, Moneyou’s customer service department began working from home due to the coronavirus crisis. A home workstation had to be set up in a short time for 40 customer advisors.
François Vluggen, Manager of Client Services at Moneyou, explains the outcomes of this move, and how coronavirus will change the way their client advisors work in the future.


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