Content Guru prides itself on the strength of its customer relationships, and the ease of doing business with the company. At every stage of the customer life cycle, from project discovery through to deployment and ongoing support, customers have access to dedicated technical and commercial assistance from experts in the field. This ensures that customers are supported as they transition across all levels, and that the partnership between Content Guru and its customers lasts.

Many of the company’s customers have partnered with Content Guru for over a decade, with enterprise organizations like UK Power Networks developing their services in partnership with Content Guru on an ongoing basis since 2008. As a result, Content Guru is able to deeply understand and meet the needs and ambitions of its customers, and be a key part of driving these organizations’ success and growth.


Content Guru prides itself on delivering services precisely targeted to the customer’s need. Its dedicated solutions consultancy team work closely with a customer to understand its pain points, goals, and key results, from board-level objectives to the challenges faced by contact center agents, supervisors and administrators. This ensures that they can provide informed and impactful advice and recommendations that deliver real, targeted value to organizations globally.

Live Within Hours

As a result of COVID-19, RDG had to rapidly evacuate their contact centre in India. With no home-working solution immediately in place, and no ability to process calls from home, they found themselves in need of an alternative contact centre solution. RDG needed to get their contact centre, and their agents, working again — fast.

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Content Guru employs a range of deployment methodologies, ensuring that customers get the rapid and accurate results that they expect. For customers who need immediate results, Content Guru regularly roll out newly configured services within days, or even hours. Customers requiring more complex deployments, such as deep integrations, have their needs met through agile methodologies, ensuring that initial value is delivered rapidly, while additional benefits are layered over this initial solution after deployment.


Content Guru delivers dedicated support at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Exceptional service standards are part of the company’s core values, ensuring that customers receive friendly, goal-oriented, and knowledgeable support, whether the team they are contacting is commercial or technical.

Customers are supported directly by Content Guru’s dedicated support engineering department. Qualified, effective service is delivered by Content Guru’s knowledgeable engineers, who understand each customer’s needs, and take these into account when providing support. Meanwhile, dedicated sector-based account managers ensure that customers have a contact who intimately understands their challenges, demands, and goals. Meanwhile, the storm product advisory board ensures that customers are not only aware of the product development roadmap, but able to deliver their insights and input directly to the product team.

Our Values

We take pride in our core beliefs of teamwork, quality and agility. Time and again, this ethos is reflected in our high-quality products and satisfied customers.

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