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Content Guru has worked with partners since its inception. Partner programs are vital for the business to deliver its best-in-class CCaaS, UCaaS, and CX products. The company has a rich heritage of working with a range of partners, including Systems Integrators, Communications Service Providers, Business Process Outsourcers, and Consultancy Firms. storm® has transformed contact centers all over the world, spanning all industry verticals, including healthcare, local government and financial services.


Content Guru empowers its partners to drive high-value sales across the sell, build and run phases of the sales cycle, through the provision of education, training and tools. A global company, Content Guru offers localized support across the world, including the UK, Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Expert team members provide support at every step of the way, including the provision of sales enablement and marketing support. Teams also receive in-depth training on all aspects of the storm platform. Meanwhile, best-in-class service creation tools are provided, empowering your teams to harness the power of storm.

Asia-Pacific Partnerships

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How storm® Adds Value

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  • Dedicated Business Development Managers and Solutions Consultants assist partners in pre-sales and sales.
  • Full sales enablement training is provided.
  • Access to our Global Demonstration Suites for Partner Presentations.
  • Full marketing support is offered, tailored to the needs of your organization.


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  • Content Guru’s expert developers ensure IT synergy with partners.
  • storm‘s already rich functionality is extended by its ability to integrate with any third-party system. Your customers can also buy and sell integrations through the company storm® Exchange.
  • The company has a partner ecosystem of developers, providing support at every stage of the sales cycle.
  • Content Guru gives its partners access to the the storm Partner Portal where all aspects of the quoting, ordering and delivery of storm services are administered in an intuitive online interface.


  • Content Guru’s expert Engineering Services team provides partners with Global 24/7 support.
  • The Content Guru support model provides partners with a granular level of desk-to-desk support between partner and Content Guru resolving parties.
  • Quarterly partnership reviews take place, where Content Guru’s dedicated team members lead with insight, reviewing the sales pipeline, service performance, new product developments and current industry trends.

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