With consumer demand evolving year-on-year, every organization is expected to have modern, efficient customer service – and company size is not an excuse for not keeping up. Customers expect stress-free access to information and data with a personalized, friendly service, and sometimes small enterprises struggle to ensure all customers are satisfied. Ensuring an up-to-date communication strategy can be hard when considered along with all of the struggles associated with owning a smaller business or just setting up your first contact center site. Demand for this simple, effective, fast omnichannel service means that sub-150 seat SME organizations may struggle to easily fulfill customer needs.

storm® LiteTM was developed for these mid-sized organizations, who might not have the necessary resources, staff, or budget for enterprise grade CCaaS technology. In dire need of cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions, storm Lite offers a comprehensive suite of abilities and modules to ensure that being a smaller business doesn’t mean that customer service has to start from the beginning.

Seamless Communications

Enhance Customer Experience

Customizable Service Designer

Real-time and Historical Reporting

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Flexibility and Scalability