Optimize your resource management with storm® WFO™. A powerful single-stack WFO solution including storm WFM™, storm QM™ (Quality Management), storm ANALYTICS™ as well as powerful reporting and CRM tools.

Perfect your customer engagement management with powerful automatic scheduling of both human and AI-backed storm Machine Agents™. storm WFM uses machine learning to analyze historical data to forecast interactions across all channels.

Maximize the quality and efficiency of your workforce

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Convenience and Quality

Workforce Optimization is an essential part of the Customer Engagement Hub. Features such as Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Management (QM), and Analytics hold the key to insights about staff productivity, as well as customer opinion.

With storm, the management of workforce scheduling is handled within one easy-to-use web interface.  All aspects of content handling, including wrap-up times and agent breaks, can be set in advance to enhance efficiency.

Scheduling for Success

storm WFM enhances agent experience by allowing scheduling to be crafted around breaks, meetings and time off, avoiding the negative effects of over-work. By integrating into the agent DTA® (Desktop Task Assistant), storm WFM allows agents and their supervisors to update their availability in real time, automatically changing the way contacts are routed to that agent.

Automated scheduling ensures that staff resources are optimized for any given situation, guaranteeing organizations the flexibility to handle unforeseen circumstances without overstaffing. This type of automation eliminates time wasted in manually identifying available, on-call workers, ensuring the right agents are scheduled at the right time to achieve SLAs enabling admins to focus on value-add activity.

Intelligent automation and AI capabilities can monitor agent and mine business intelligence, quickly, efficiently and accurately, helping ensure compliance and maximize both agent and customer experience.

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