Whether using storm® FLOW™ to create and manage a multi-channel contact center, an automated payment processing system, or remote metering service, your business will benefit from greater efficiency and service integration. FLOW services can be designed to do the work of retrieving information and routing customers to the right person, freeing up your workforce and optimizing the efficiency of your contact centers.


As customer expectations continue to grow exponentially, it is no longer acceptable for organizations to wait days, or even weeks, to update their core communications services. In order to cope with unforeseen circumstances, or crisis situations, administrators need the power to update critical aspects of their customer engagement solutions instantly.

The storm administrator dashboard enables simple access to all management interfaces, including live agent management, dialer configuration, customer information, and reporting.

storm‘s management interfaces enable administrators to create and update all of their services in real time, from inbound and outbound contacts, and multi-channel access point management, to creating hugely complex customer engagement systems in storm FLOW™, a bespoke Service Creation Environment.

More about FLOW

storm FLOW

storm FLOW is Content Guru’s feature-rich service management tool, which allows administrators to create a huge array of complex, automated, multi-channel, multimedia services for mobile and fixed networks.

FLOW’s intuitive, secure, drag-and-drop interface uses simple Action Cells to perform highly-complex actions. As FLOW is browser-based, services can be created or updated easily from any location, in real time.

FLOW’s flexible and intuitive revision control, with integrated reporting and feedback, allows users to maintain a service archive, and roll services backwards or forwards as service features change. Fully integrated with all storm services, FLOW can also integrate seamlessly with any external CRM or data system, to pull or push information to or from third-party resources, allowing administrators to create services that work flexibly around existing systems.

FLOW in Action

Rail Delivery Group is the UK’s primary source of information for rail travel, handling over 1.5 million contacts per day. As rail services are subject to completely unpredictable disruptions, such as weather incidents, or even regularly planning changes to scheduling, it is essential that Rail Delivery Group’s service can respond dynamically to ever-changing circumstances.

Through FLOW, Rail Delivery Group administrators regularly make up to 50 changes a day, from geographically disparate locations, ensuring that all users can access the most recent, up-to-date information.