Intelligent Automation

Your customers don’t like to be kept waiting – regardless of demand.

Agents need to deliver great customer experiences – fast.

You need to streamline operations and optimize efficiency.

What is Intelligent Automation?


storm® uses Intelligent Automation to automate processes across the whole contact center. Intelligent Automation boosts efficiency, frees up your workforce, and helps you deliver outstanding customer experiences.

By automating as many business and IT processes as possible, organizations can achieve hyper-automation. This is key to smooth operation and resilient delivery of services. Hyper-automation lets you deliver exceptional customer engagement, even in the face of unprecedented disruption.

Intelligent Automation combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis.

Automated Self Service

Automate self-service with AI-powered Machine Agents.

Proactive Communications

Anticipate your customers’ needs with proactive, targeted communications.

Knowledge and Data

Automatically serve the right information to the right people, at the right time.

Quality and Compliance

Make quality monitoring easy, efficient, and thorough.

How does Intelligent Automation work?

Key benefits

Use storm‘s Intelligent Automation capabilities to enhance your existing services and transform your contact center into an intelligent customer engagement hub.

  • Streamline operations across the contact center.
  • Enable seamless self-service.
  • Easily scale to meet demand.
  • Free agents from dull, repetitive tasks.
  • Focus on outstanding customer engagement.
  • Drive down costs.
  • Maintain quality and compliance.

Automated Self Service

Offer instant, automated responses

storm® Machine Agent ™ is an always-on, AI-powered robot workforce. allows customers to self serve over any channel.

These virtual assistants give customers instant access to information at any time, through any channel. This includes voice, email, web chat, and video. Customers can even make secure, PCI compliant automated payments.

Intelligent Automation of self service removes communication barriers and boosts customer satisfaction. And when customers can help themselves, you free up agents for more complex inquires.

Proactive Communications

Scalability you can count on

When disaster strikes, Intelligent Automation helps you anticipate your customers’ needs.

storm lets you automate proactive communications at hyper-scale, so you can keep customers up to date over the channel of their choice. Intelligent Automation feeds in customer data to guide smart routing decisions. AI bots bring in information from Internet of Things devices, such as smart meters and voice-enabled smart speakers.

Intelligent Automation targets the right people, at the right time, over the right channel. This helps reduce inbound contacts and frees up your agents for the customers who need the most help.

“World class multi-channel platform with rapid scalability for peak period.”

Director of Data and Technology in the Services Industry

“A Truly Intuitive, Cost Effective And Scalable Telephony Solution.”

Technology Support Supervisor in the Finance Industry

“A Responsive And Reliable Business And Platform. Does Everything We Are Asking Of It.”

IT Infrastructure Manager in the Energy and Utilities Industry

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Quality and Compliance

Keep your customers’ trust

Your customers demand high quality services at all times. 100% compliance is key in order to meet these standards and avoid fines. But you don’t have the time or resources to monitor every interaction by hand.

Intelligent Automation lets you analyze 100% of interactions – over any channel. This gets rid of loopholes in your compliance and quality control framework.

Automated speech-to-text transcription allows calls to be grouped by keywords and phrases, for easy trend analysis. Recordings can be audited based on content, sentiment, and agent performance metrics. This rich insight helps you to improve the quality of your services.

Knowledge and Data

Seamless, data-led engagement

Your customers expect a personalized experience every time they get in contact. Agents can’t afford to waste time searching for the right information.

Intelligent Automation allows storm® CKS®, the platform’s powerful CRM tool, to proactively deliver all the relevant data for a contact straight to the agent’s desktop.

Give your agents seamless access to all the knowledge they need to provide a personalized interaction every time, over every channel.

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