Deliver real-time travel information on the channels your consumers use

CHALLENGE: Your customers have a vital reliance on public transport to get where they need to be and when there are unexpected delays and changes to journeys, your customers need to know

SOLUTION: storm can integrate with live departure boards and scheduling systems to receive real-time travel updates, instantly relaying information to passengers

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Unify information sources to deliver a seamless customer journey

CHALLENGE: Booking the different aspects of a holiday, journey or trip can be daunting, and your customers look for a fully rounded, joined-up process

SOLUTION: storm can create a constant stream of information between a number of different third-party proprietary systems for transport, hotel and experience booking, combining all customer data in one easy to use interface

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Communications-enable your systems and automate routine enquiries

CHALLENGE: Gone are the days when customers looked at timetables in advance of a journey – your customers want instant information directly to their smartphones, and they want to be able to make quick decisions to travel

SOLUTION: storm can integrate with live departure boards to provide real-time updates and personalized journey plans via SMS, web, or smartphone app in seconds, freeing up your agents to handle more complex inquiries.

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World-leading travel companies powered by storm include:

The travel sector is extremely varied, unifying rail and air transport, hotels and accommodation, and more. The sector faces a number of challenges as customer expectations continue to rise and passengers expect a seamless journey across all channels. From bookings to enquiries about delayed or cancelled services, it is essential that your customers can access the information they need – and fast.


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storm FLOW, multi-channel Service Creation Environment (SCE) used by Rail Delivery Group to make up to 50 service alterations a day in real time, giving them the agility they need to respond to unpredictable circumstances faced by the travel sector

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TUI, the world’s largest holidays provider, has a Specialist Holiday Group (SHG) that manages its exotic and luxury brands. SHG had to move one of its two main office locations to a new site, relocating 300 staff and their phone numbers. SHG had to find a system that allowed a smooth and speedy transition just before Christmas.

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