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Problem 1: Engaging with Residents Digitally


Your residents now expect to be able to contact you through the channel most convenient to them – including digital channels. At the same time, they expect their engagements with you to be simple, convenient, and effective. storm® can help.

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Problem 2: Working from Home


Homeworking has become the new normal. However, many traditional communications systems limit the ability of local government workers to work cooperatively. storm helps local government authories deliver great resident engagement through seamless, joined-up communications.

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Problem 3: Bringing IT In-House


ICT is central to the delivery of all local authority services. It is simply too important to delegate to third-party providers. storm® can help bring your ICT services in-house rapidly, while boosting your security, flexibility, and capabilities.

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Our Customers Say:

Northgate Public Services

“Councils require us to deliver a wide range of cutting-edge technology within a very tight budget and timescale. Thanks to storm’s modular, pay-as you-go approach, we are able to deliver market leading technologies to organisations on a timescale to suit all budgets, while the new service builder helps us to deliver projects at an unrivalled speed.

“With each new successful deployment, we find a new use for storm, and as Content Guru adapts to stay ahead of the market we’re excited to see what the future holds both for Content Guru and for NPS.”

– Head of Customer Services and Service Management, Northgate

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