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Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) need to join up patient care by linking  hospitals, ambulance services, primary and community services, mental health, and social care into a single integrated service.

storm® provides the community-wide, omni-channel communications infrastructure needed to underpin this, with access to records at the first point of contact, smart clinical pathways to ensure the right response first time, dynamic scheduling, and pan-ICS reporting.  All calls within the ICS are free.

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Integrated Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC)


Our Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution has supported UEC care for 11 million people across the five NHS 111 services in London, and several in the Home Counties, since 2015.

The PRM manages incoming 111 calls, compares them against existing care plans and directs calls to the most appropriate care first time including direct to community hubs. More recently it has evolved to redirect 111 Mental Health (MH) calls from a UEC response direct to a MH Crisis Line and will soon do the same for 101 / 999 calls from the Police.

The London PRM also provides a real time Pan-London UEC dashboard and public health surveillance tools to both commissioners and providers, as well as automatic load balancing between 111 services based on their available capacity.

storm SIGN-IN is a dynamic scheduling tool that manages referrals from 111 to hospital UEC departments in a managed queue which only calls patients forward once there is a clinician available to seen them, thereby reducing queueing in the ED.

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Primary Care Networks (PCNs)


PCNs are the bedrock of long-term condition (LTC) care and are increasingly managing same day and LTC as a group. storm enables PCNs to create an integrated patient engagement system that includes primary and community as a team by using care plan triggers to smartly direct incoming calls / contacts to the right response; be that health, social, or even third sector care providers through social prescribing.

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Mental Health Services


storm supports Mental Health (MH) care providers by enabling them to provide their patients with 24/7 omni-channel access to personalised care. As a cloud based contact centre solution, storm can recognise incoming phone numbers and through approved pathways, whilst providing agents with care plans and clinicians with patient records before they pick up the phone.

storm also provides intelligent routing to connect the patient to the right support first time. It also enables MHPs to convert a voice call to a video call on the patient’s mobile device without the need for apps or pre-installed software.  This is generating real excitement as a tool to help manage people with urgent MH needs “on the street”, and provide remote support to attending police offices and paramedics.

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Social Care


In order to deliver joined-up community care, ICSs must be able to integrate their social care services with their patient engagement ecosystem. In partnership with Simply Connect, storm offers an end-to-end digital social prescribing solution that can be fully integrated with all other ICS services. In partnership with Orfiq Digital, storm offers CareCliqTM, a connected care home communications system, including Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) collaboration.

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Specialist Services


ICSs must have the ability to bring in additional care systems when they need them. storm supports a variety of specialist care services, NHS Test and Trace, NHS Blood and Transplant, and patient transport.

storm’s innovative call recording tool, RECORDER™, is widely used by the emergency services to document mission-critical communications, and store interaction recordings securely in the cloud and storm is the first cloud contact centre solution to be selected for blue light 999 services.

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storm for Healthcare

With a growing and aging population placing more strain than ever on resources, it is crucial that healthcare providers future-proof their communications systems. In an industry reliant on rapid responses and compassionate care, the healthcare experiences that patients need must be delivered as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

Discover storm for Healthcare, an evergreen patient engagement solution, built in partnership with leading clinicians.

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Customer Success Stories

“>“With UK lockdown measures in place and growing fears over the risks of face-to-face consultations, our over-the-phone urgent care services have been more popular than ever. We needed a way to make video consultations a realistic option for our services, thereby minimizing in person contact while ensuring patients can be assessed properly. Having worked with Content Guru and used their storm platform for 5 years, we were confident they would be able to provide us with a solution. The team worked quickly to roll out video consultations for our clinicians, an easy-to-use application which is now widely utilized by our teams.”

– Janice Greenhill, Director of Performance and Delivery at HUC


storm delivers an amazing set of capabilities, which have transformed the way NHS 111 operates in London. We’re really excited to implement further capabilities through storm® as we go forward, and it will be instrumental in realising our digitalization objectives. Most importantly, however, is that we’re able to substantially improve the experience of Londoners calling NHS 111 and the outcomes of our patients, ensuring that they get through to the care and support they need, when they need it, first time.”

– Head of Service Redesign & Innovation (Integrated Urgent Care), NHS London SHA


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