Differentiate your communications offering

CHALLENGE: You operate in a highly-competitive marketplace, and need a differentiated solution that delivers high-quality communication capabilities at an affordable price point

SOLUTION: storm delivers multi-award-winning, omni-channel communication solutions through a flexible cloud charging model, enabling you to deliver enterprise-grade services at an affordable cost to your customers

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Customize highly-effective packages to meet diverse customer needs

CHALLENGE: Today’s consumer has diverse requirements and expectations, and you need to adapt your communication packages to cover a wide spread of needs

SOLUTION: storm is a modular, highly customizable platform, enabling you to easily create and modify solutions that address any end-customer requirement, from basic inbound telephony through to highly-complex multi-site, omni-channel contact center solutions

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Work collaboratively to maximize your storm opportunities

CHALLENGE: Selling, implementing and supporting solutions of any complexity can be challenging, especially when presented with a wide range of selling opportunities with the storm platform

SOLUTION: Content Guru works towards long and successful relationships with its resellers and partners, working collaboratively on sales opportunities, support, platform knowledge transfers and other areas to ensure that your sales teams have the highest chance of success as they go-to-market

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With storm®, you’ll access a best-of-breed flexible, integrated multi-channel communication management system and your customers can benefit from increased efficiency and organization.

Example resellers and Business Process Outsourcing partners

Communications technology has progressed at an unprecedented rate this millennium: through social media advances, artificial intelligence, automation, and streamlined voice and video messaging. However, these disparate forms of communication have developed largely in isolation.

storm provides you with an integrated solution to consumers’ rising expectations of specialist contact through the new WWW:

  • Wherever they are
  • Whenever the time
  • Whatever channel they may be using.

Through our platform, you’ll be able to provide a software solution capable of matching the expectations of a rapidly evolving market.


Sodexo is the world’s 19th largest employer, offering a wide range of facility services globally, designed to improve the quality of life for customers across multiple sectors. In the hugely competitive services and facility management sector, customer service and the effective connection of people to information is vital. Sodexo turned to the storm platform’s range of Customer Engagement capabilities to help meet these challenges.

“Sodexo are a world leading provider of Quality of Life services. A key part of this is ensuring that our communications meet the needs and expectations of our customers and colleagues on an ongoing basis.

storm met our technical needs without exceeding our financial requirements. Since then, the platform’s flexibility has enabled us to make continuous service improvements ourselves. We have also worked in partnership with the storm team to enhance our service, including a number of upcoming integrations.”

Leroy Zebeda, Manager Facility Service Desk at Sodexo