CCaaS from Home – Experience from Home


In the fourth webinar of our series on CCaaS from Home, we explored the Customer and Agent Experience during lockdown and how this affects customer engagement. Delivering a seamless customer experience will not only give your organization a competitive advantage now, but also as lockdown measures are eased in the coming weeks and months. Our industry experts will address the best-in-class tools and methods available to support your agents while they work from home, as well as provide insight into how you can avoid service degradation while enhancing customer experience.

This series will explore the challenges faced by contact centers across the globe as we embrace an indefinite period of remote working. What solutions are available to ease disruption to agents and customers, as well as achieve compliance, efficiency, scalability, and excellent CX in a new environment of remote working?

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CCaaS from Home - Efficiency from Home

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CCaaS from Home - Compliance from Home

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CCaaS from Home - Minimize Disruption to your Agents and Customers

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